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Nombre: King
Obtentor: Reeferman
Ubicación: interior
Tipo: indica
Floración: ~56 días
No disponible feminizadas.

Reefermans Seeds - King

Aka: King (pure)

Pure King This is the newest and potentially the very best king we have ever offered thanks to a old timer who gave us the King seed line thought lost twice ! we were able for the first time to offer pure King. This is a unbeatable kush type that is very simular to OG kush except it predates the entire kush craze in the USA dating back to the late 80's. This seed line was developed from what we now call pink kush and a very old afghani line called queen that is no longer avalable. Its always a treat when something thought lost forever comes back ! The taste on these is exceptional and the high is knock out. Our kings kross has won 2 cups, we used the same king clone as we have always used except in this generation we pollinated the king with a pure king male. The king is amoungst the very best plants in the world with crazzy resin production super bag appeal and a taste that will blow most out of the water. The resin from this plant won us a 1st place Hash cup in amsterdam crazzy full melt clear dome bubble, the yeild can be very high in the correct conditions. These seeds are very limited in supply due to some issues we had we only had a ltd amount of frozen pollen however we do have more seeds of the pure king and PK 1-1 coming and will make these avalable on a larger scale in the future . flowering time 7-9 weeks

Lineage: Pink Kush x Queen

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