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Nombre: King
Obtentor: Unknown/Legendary
Ubicación: interior
Tipo: indica
Floración: desconocido
No disponible feminizadas.

Unknown or Legendary - King

Aka: Pink Kush

REEFERMAN: I figured out that OG kush and sour D were related it is obvious now what is really interesting is we have a cutting that has been in the local biker community here since 1992 that is very very close to Oger's kush, could it be the Chem Dog ? here it is called king or kings cross there are two pheno's the Green and the Pink (hairs only) it was given to me with a group of 3 hash plants when I grew it out I named it the pink kush but later figured out it was a different pheno of the King Origional gangsters is a ironical name considering the old boys the clones were gifted to me from they can be protective of the cutting, we see very little of it on our local market here becouse it gets bought up by the guys who gave me the clones and I hear it all goes to LA but that could be BS but even in a bad market the Strain is the most lucrative on a commercial basis "the chem dog thing is very interesting thanks for sharing that RM"

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