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Informacion Basica

OG Kush es una variedad indica, figura en nuestra base de datos como una variedad clonada y se puede cultivar interiores. .

Qué sabemos sobre la clone-only OG Kush?

The OG Kush story according to Marty @origins_tk_ogk / @origins_tk_selects and Josh D @therealogkushstory / @_j_o_s_h_d at instagram:

Triangle Kush and OG Kush , both seeds made in south Florida in 1991 in the same garage of Marty. The mother was called Emerald Triangle (in our circle from around ‘87) and that garage was stuffed wall to wall with it , A pack of Hindu Kush seeds that I bought from Neville , Amsterdam in 1989 was being tested after a pre sex test . One of those pre sexed Hindu Kush seeds created a bit of unseen pollen near the AC intake , that managed to make seeds thru out that entire 12 light garage . Those lbs where then sold by myself to a close buddy near Orlando , where he would then piece them out to his circle of friends . One of his buddies would find the Triangle Kush seed and another guy found the Kush seed that would later get named OG Kush once it made its way west to California . I’ve seen countless people claiming or insisting Chemdog is the parent to OG kush but with out a shadow of a doubt it’s not unless they share dna from years earlier or maybe from the Hindu Kush genetics from Neville in ‘89 . The Emerald Triangle strain was given to my old partner from an older head from the Washington area before I ever even knew he was a grower as I was buying pounds of it already to sell in 87-88 . OG is not Chemdog simple facts . Added fact , The Emerald Triangle leaned more towards a earthy spicy , flower smelling , sweet candy like terps and not chemi or fuel like at all . fuel or gassy terps must have came from the Hindu .

Our old information was obviously wrong
Story #1:
OG Kush (the original cut) came from an S1 from in a bag of '91 Chemdawg in the Lake Tahoe area in 1996.

Story #2: (by Kailua kid from sierra seeds:)
In late '93 John from Grass Valley Ca. got the Chem Dog cut. He shared it with me, Jerry(cowboy) from Dibble Creek Ca. and Harold(Putz) from Sunset Beach Ca. Putz had a male he called the secret ingredient. It was a cross of Lemon Thai and an Old World Paki Kush. Putz bred the secret ingredient to the Chem Dog. The buds that came out of this cross were going around So. L.A. county in '95. Someone told Putz that Kush must be so good because it was mountain grown. Putz laughed and told him "this Kush is Ocean Grown Kush bro". The tag stuck and it became known as OG Kush. In the spring of '96 Putz married a girl from New Zealand. Before moving there he sent cuts of his OG to me and Bob(beans) in Salinas Ca. He gave all his P1 stock and all the remaining seed he had to Mike(mad dog) from Downey Ca. In late '96 Mike sold some seed to some guys in the Valley. That's where the San Fernando Valley cut of OG comes from. It's like the Original only more sat in pheno type. Mike sold a cut of the original to a guy in Orange county and that cut is called Larry today. It's still around Orange county. Mike sent one other cut of the original OG to a breeder in Europe. As far as I know he never let anyone else have it.
Jerry bred his Chem Dog cut to a Humboldt county indica boy. This was the beginning of his cubing proccess. At BX3 he got a pheno that had all the smell, taste and kick of the Chem Dog, but in a pure indica pheno. Jerry gave this plant to Bob. It became known as the West Coast Dog.
Bob bred this plant to my Old World Kush male. He took a male from that cross and bred it to the OG cut Putz had sent him. This is what made the original Bubba.

Lineage: ChemDawg x [Lemon Thai x Old World Paki Kush]

Info on the different cuttings of OG Kush:

* Tahoe: cut brough into the community by Swerve. The grower that Swerve got it from had sourced the cut in the Lake Tahoe area in the 90's.
* Larry: The Orange County Larry cut that is availble in the medical scene came from the same Orange County crew that the H.A O.G Kush came from
* SFV: There are a million O.G cuts grown in the S.F.V, however the cut that goes by this name on these forums and in medical disp. came from forum member Swerve
* Ghost: This cut came from ORGNKID, ORGNKID had sold a O.G cut to a Overgrow forum member named "Ghost" who further distributed the cut.
* Tripple OG: This cut came from ORGNKID. This cut is A.K.A Triple X/XXX O.G Kush. Triple O.G was popularly sold to medical patients by the now defunct C.A.L.M disp. of Malibu.
* Abusive: This cut was brought into the community by an overgrow member named "Abusive", believe it or not Abusive claimed to have got the cut through the rapper Snoop Dogg.
* SAC#2: Cut brought into the scene by forum member O.Gkushman, O.Gkushman got the cut from DJ Muggs.
* P.R OG A.K.A Private Reserve O.G: Another O.G cut that ORGNKID brought into the scene. The cut was sold to Med patients as Private Reserve O.G through the now defunct C.A.L.M disp. of Malibu.
* Apothecary: O.G cut brought into the scene by the apothecary seed co's Brett. Brett got it from a high profile Medical MJ activist in L.A back in 1999
* Diablo: This = cut came from the R.D.C disp. In the San Fernando Valley
* Raskal's OG: Another cut sourced in the San Fernando Valley. Cut was bought for several thousand dollers from ******* ***** members by a friends of forum member OGraskal
* HA OG: Cut came from an commercial H.A room in Orange County, grown by the same crew that brought the Orange County Larry cut into the medical Disp.
* Poison OG: Cut came from O.Gkushman, he grew it from seed found in a pound of O.G back in ‘96
* SAC#1 & SAC#3: #1 came from G-Thumb in the San Fernando Valley, #3 came from San Fernando Valley but is very popular in Santa Barbara and sometimes goes by the name “Purple O.G Kush”, the cut was brought into the scene by the owner of the now defunct Hortipharm in Santa Barbara

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OG Kush Premios

¡OG Kush es una variedad premiada y ganó 4 premios entre 2016 y 2019!

2do Lugar
para Coffeeshop Cremers, Den Haag en el
Highlife Cup 2019
Variedades de Kush
3er Lugar
para Coffeeshop Genesis, Geleen en el
Highlife Cup 2019
Variedades de Kush
9to lugar
para Josh D en el
The Emerald Cup 2018
Luz Mixta (Invernadero) - Con Licencia
1er Lugar
para CannaCruz Collective en el
Santa Cruz Cup 2016

Galería de OG Kush

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Propiedades Medicinales de OG Kush

Un paciente / consumidor nos proporcionaron experiencias personales sobre las valores medicinales de OG Kush de Clone Only Strains - y especialmente parece ayudar con Enfermedades del movimiento, Dolor, Glaucoma, Epilepsia, Asma, Dependencia y Síndrome de abstinencia, Síntomas psiquiátricos y Enfermedades autoinmunes e Inflamatorias. Encuentre más información sobre los efectos médicos y la dosificación de OG Kush aquí en nuestra página de información médica detallada para esta variedad.

OG Kush Linaje / Genealogía

Árbol Genealógico de OG Kush

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Híbridos & Cruces con OG Kush

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OG Kush x Unknown Strain
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OG Kush #6 x Lavender x Lemon Cake

Mapa de los Descendientes de OG Kush

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CurieuseGraine - 19.04.2022

Real Og kush / Triangle kush genome is : neville's hindu kush (Kush4 x NL2) x emerald triangle according to origins_tk_ogk who created the seeds by mistake in 1989.

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