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Información del criador

Goji OG es una variedad mostly sativa de y se puede cultivar interiores (donde las plantas femeninas necesitarán un período de floración de ±63 días) y exteriores. Semillas de Goji OG de Bodhi Seeds es dominante en THC y no están disponibles en versiones feminizadas.

Descripción de Bodhi Seeds Goji OG

Bodhi Seeds Goji OG Over the years ive worked on various og kush projects, some interesting plants have come through, but never the total package. This last year ive been testing a very special og hybrid called goji og, named after the bright red sour himalayan berry. This hybrid has excelled indoors and out and is truly the total package, incredible full on og aroma and taste with an undercurrent of red berries, black cherry, hawiian punch, licorice, and alpine strawberries.

One of the biggest yeilding ogs ive ever run that still maintain the effect, aroma, taste, and resin content of a true og. Improved stature, no more floppy stems, or insane staking required... Grows like an indica hybrid. The few people i have let run her, are dropping everything to pack their rooms with her. the cut i run was found from the first round of three seeds, when i saw the potential i ran a bunch more seeds outside to get a better look. The cross is a combination of my snow lotus male, which is very clear in breeding, i think thats how the magic happened, just passing the size, power and resin over while keeping all the qualities of the og kush. The mother is nepali og aka nepali kush, an old og kush from grass valley that is closest in appearance to the tahoe, the buy in for this cut in the mid 2000's was 20 grand... lol... I dont know if any cut is worth that much, but it is a very nice og...

Theres two main phenos in the goji og line a big yeilding og smelling totem pole maker of infinite delight, and a smaller strawberry pheno that looks like a super frosty og, but has the super narco high of the snowlotus. The big og smelling pheno shows up about 3 times in one pack of seeds. f2'ing this line opens up a really cool genetic treasure chest, with pure purple stemmed snow lotus phenos, strawberry wands, and nepali og dom girls. Im really excited and proud to offer this to the community... enjoy... and many blessings on your grows.

THC Content: 18-26%
CBD Content: 0.5%
Yield: High
Plant Height: Tall
Flowering Time: 9 weeks
Harvest Month October

1st place concentrate
3rd place hash htcc seattle 2013

Goji Pheno info Via THrive:
*ThunderEgg is earthyish no fruit OG and was kept for its cerebral high pretty sure thats right..
*Pinsol Og and ThunderEgg Look the same in Veg Lanky with purpleish stems grows fast compared to other Ogs Ive played with.. easy to clone
*Strawberry Cream cheese... I like to call her Floppy cause she just flops all over the place with growth have to support her all over but think she worth it... would say she grows as fast as Pinsol and Egg but she flops out all over not Vertically... easy to clone
*Purple Goji- Pretty sure we know what to expect here... Grows nice for a Purple but 1/2 as fast as Pinsol and Egg and more of a bush not so much Vertically. easy to clone

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Opiniones de Goji OG

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Impresion General Interior

Impresion General Interior
Goji OG lo tiene todo junto extremadamente buena y muy muy recomendable
Potencia / Duracion del efecto
La marihuana es fuerte y si dura
Las votaciones de nuestros usuarios
Goji OG obtener 8.50 de los 10 posibles puntos en el promedio!

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Degustation de Goji OG

Los usuarios de seedfinder probaron Goji OG y cargaron información sobre el aroma, el sabor y los efectos de Goji OG de Bodhi Seeds. A continuación, una breve descripción, haga clic en los gráficos circulares para obtener una descripción exacta y encontrar variedades de cannabis similares!

Aroma / Fragancia

Sentido Del Gusto

~4% Moras ~7% Arándano rojo ~2% Melon ~12% Baya ~2% Tropical ~3% Cereza ~3% Ciruela ~10% Limon ~10% Mantequilla ~5% Pimienta ~7% Hinojo ~5% Cohombro ~3% Tabaco ~5% Floral ~20% Afrutado ~5% Mantequilla escocesa ~20% Regaliz ~10% Cítrico ~10% Lácteo ~12% Hierbas ~2% Sandalo ~4% Madera de cedro ~2% Pino ~10% Orgánico ~50% Dulce ~20% Agrio ~20% Sabroso ~10% Amargo

El sabor de Goji OG se caracterizó por ser Dulce (un poco Afrutado y Regaliz y también un poquito Floral y Mantequilla escocesa) y también como un poco Agrio (Cítrico y Lácteo), Sabroso (Hierbas y también un poquito Madera de cedro, Sandalo y Pino) y Amargo (o mejor dicho Orgánico). more

Efecto / Impacto

~23% Edificante ~4% Lampareado ~8% Relajante ~11% Introspectivo ~8% Confuso ~23% Psycodelico ~9% Pacificador ~1% Tirado en el sofa ~3% Narcotico ~3% Nervioso / Inquieto ~3% Energetico ~8% Apetitoso ~75% Cabeza ~25% Cuerpo

Goji OG tiene básicamente un efecto muy fuerte en el Cabeza (bastante Edificante y Psycodelico; un poco Introspectivo y Relajante y también una pizca de Lampareado), pero también afecta un poco a la Cuerpo (bastante Pacificador y Apetitoso; un poco Narcotico y Nervioso / Inquieto y también una pizca de Tirado en el sofa). more

Galería de Goji OG

Aquí puedes ver las últimas fotos de Goji OG, subidas de nuestros usuarios. En total, hemos recopilado 3 imágenes de Goji OG de Bodhi Seeds, echa un vistazo a nuestra Galería de Goji OG para verlas todas.

Híbridos & Cruces con Goji OG

Encontramos 63 descendientes directos de Goji OG de Bodhi Seeds en la base de datos de seedfinder, aquí una breve descripción. Para ver todos los híbridos y sus descendientes, visite nuestra página de genealogía de Página Genealogía de Goji OG y eche un vistazo a todos los descendientes directos, los cruces como las siguientes generaciones.

Deep Breath
{(Alien OG Purple Pheno x Goji OG) x Berry Breath} x {GG# 4 x Mendobreath F2}
Black Raspberry
Goji OG Raspberry F2 x Wookie #15
Heaven Mountain
Goji OG Bodhi Cut x Appalachia
Raspberry Hashplant
Goji OG Raspberry pheno x 88 G13 Hashplant
Soul Food
Goji OG Pinesoul pheno x 88 G13 Hashplant
Soul Mate
Goji OG Pinesoul cut x Wookie #15
Strawberry Milk
{Mother's Milk x Goji OG} x {Bubba Kush x Sour Diesel IBL}
Tropical Punch
Goji OG California x Maui Wowie Amsterdam
Goji OG F2, Purple pheno x OGKB x Wet Dream
SitaBerry OG
Goji OG x Yeti

Mapa de los Descendientes de Goji OG

Si estás en una pantalla grande y no estás navegando con tu móvil, ¡mira nuestro árbol genealógico dinámico con todos los híbridos de Goji OG conocidos! (esto quizás necesite algo de tiempo para cargar todos los datos)

Comentarios sobre Goji OG

Todos juntos hemos recopilado 1 comentario de usuario sobre Goji OG de Bodhi Seeds. Lamentablemente ninguno de estos comentarios está en español! Aquí te mostramos los comentarios en inglés:

- 09.01.2019

Conectado a una recension de Goji OG!

Your Exotic, Potent, and Uplifting new best friend!

I'm thrilled to report that the hype around Bodhi's strains, and his emphasis on breeding for "Effects" is legit. To simply call Goji OG "sativa dominant" would be a disservice to the quality and uniqueness of this strain's voice. While there is a focus on sativa-associated effects here (euphoria, cerebral rush, anti-depressive), the real magic is how comforting, affirmative, inspirational this strain is as opposed to most sativas. No racing thoughts, paranoia, nervous energy, nor insomnia here! Goji OG was such a pleasant surprise, and has immediately earned a place in my personal top 5.

As a pretty well-rounded hybrid, there are definitely indica effects present, but they take a back-seat. Those indica qualities are there, but less conspicuously. If you need heavy indica medicinal benefits, I might recommend trying something else. But as someone with pretty serious anxiety and depression: I HIGHLY recommend this rare inspirational and anti-depressive strain.

The dominant aroma is of, you guessed it, Goji Berries! One whiff, and I immediately remembered the last time that I smelled/tasted goji berries; it's uncanny. I also detect minor licorice, wood, and butter.

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