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Nombre: Afgooey
Obtentor: Clone Only
Ubicación: interior, exterior, invernadero
Tipo: mostly indica
Floración: desconocido
Sólo disponible como cortes.

Clone Only Strains - Afgooey

Aka: Afghooey, Afgoo, Af-Gooey, Afghan Goo

These exceptionally sticky nuggets are a pale olive-green hue accentuated by a crust of golden trichomes and brilliant warm-tangelo pistils. They offer a bountiful bouquet of tangy orange and sour grapefruit.

Afgooey is an effective, natural alternative for treating: Multiple Sclerosis, Arthritis, chronic pain, and migraines. It may also be used to substitute: bipolar agents, along with anti-psychotic, anti-anxiety, anti-spasmatic, and anti-inflammatory medications.

The effects reflect the potent perfume of this skunky strain; Afgooey is incredibly strong and felt in the entire body. It's great for evening doses, and functions as a remarkably effective sleep medication.

Genetics: Afgani #1 x Maui Haze

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Resultados de las pruebas

Probado en ±all ±rel
THC 19.39% promedio promedio
THCA 14.67% promedio promedio
THCV 0.93% promedio alto
CBG 0.72% promedio promedio
CBC 0.40% promedio promedio
CBD 0.21% muy bajo un poco inferior a la media
CBN 0.02% muy bajo bajo

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