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9 Pound Hammer x Northern Lights

9 Pound Hammer x Northern Lights

producido de Philosopher Seeds

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Información del criador

9 Pound Hammer x Northern Lights es una variedad mostly indica de y se puede cultivar interiores (donde las plantas femeninas necesitarán un período de floración de ±60 días) y exteriores. Semillas de 9 Pound Hammer x Northern Lights de Philosopher Seeds solo están disponibles en versiones feminizadas.

Descripción de Philosopher Seeds 9 Pound Hammer x Northern Lights

We present 9 Pound Hammer x Northern Lights, a new limited edition feminised variety now available in our seed catalogue.

This spectacular F1 hybrid has been created to satisfy those who seek a fast flowering and productive variety with a truly spectacular potency, which also combines the flavour profile of 9 Pound Hammer with the sweet touches of the NL parent.

Genetics of 9 Pound Hammer x Northern Lights #1:
The female chosen as a pollen recipient is a magnificent example of 9 Pound Hammer (also called 9LB Hammer), an Indica-dominant hybrid developed by JinxProof Genetics and awarded best indica variety in the prestigious High Times Cannabis Cup of 2017.

It's a cross between Gooberry (Afgoo x Blueberry) and the well-known Jesus OG, which in turn is a hybrid of Hells Angel OG and the incredible Jack the Ripper, an excellent parent often also used in the work of its creator TGA Subcool, and even in our own varieties, like Fruity Jack.

With a bloom period of about 8 weeks and an average indoor yield of around 500g per m2, it is known among growers not only for its speed and good performance, but also for the powerful effect it produces, thanks to its high level of THC, which can reach 25%.

Suitable for diverse cultivation techniques such as SOG or SCROG, it is indoors where it usually shows its maximum potential, especially if the tips of the branches are pruned to obtain bushy plants. Its structure is typical of Kush varieties, inheritance from the Jesus OG side of its parentage, developing a thick layer of resin during flowering that covers the hard, heavy buds.

The flavour and aroma of 9 Pound Hammer is intense and complex, combining fruity notes with lime, grape and melon, all rounded off with a Skunk background that gives it a pungent intensity. The effect is devastating (hence the name, it hits like a 9 pound hammer!), narcotic and suitable only for experienced smokers. It is excellent to combat insomnia, stress, and to stimulate the appetite.

As a male parent we have used an excellent selection of Northern Lights #1 from Sensi Seeds, which we reversed to make feminised seeds. A classic in the cannabis world, still highly appreciated to this day for its incredible power and productivity.

This magnificent Afghan beauty is known for its ease of cultivation and high resistance, also providing a more compact and productive structure, a more stable offspring and a rapid flowering phase, about 8 weeks.

The result of crossing between these two jewels of the cannabis world will fulfil the dreams of many growers, a variety that combines the best characteristics of both parents to offer a final product that will astound, both in terms of quantity and quality.

A variety with very intense flavours, a devastating effect and growth characteristics that make it ideal both for novice growers who want great harvests without complications, and for expert gardenerss who want to get the most out of their growing space.

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9 Pound Hammer x Northern Lights Linaje / Genealogía

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