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Snow Goddess
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~64 días
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Goddess Kush is Raskal's OG (Cali Connection) x Empress (Medic) and could be one of the most amazing kush crosses that we've come across.

The OG Kush craze is in full effect now, and what began long ago with the introduction of Chemdawg has now turned into a worldwide phenomenon. We chose a slightly different kush hybrid to work with, one that is very rare. The #5 phenotype was gifted to us from a close friend and patient. Goddess Kush only exists in the hands of a few selected caregivers. Many thanks to our friend BudPatch who came across the seeds directly from the breeder at Cabin Fever.

Goddess Kush has the most amazing strawberry watermelon bubble gum flavor that you could possibly imagine. Loompa's Headband and Chem D completely change the terpene profile of this kush, and we think it is the best tasting and smelling plant we've come across in some time. In addition, the THC and CBD profiles are very strong, allowing for maximum pain relief and analgesic benefits.

The Ski Train male leads this beauty into a complex citrus snowstorm. It is such a wonderful combo that you can't go wrong with any of the pheno's found. Some will lean towards the melon-berry bubble gum Goddess, some towards the sour citrus Ski Train, and our favorites: the fusions in between. A plethora of some of the most coveted genetics in the world currently, this is our most demanded patient product. Crystal caked, liquid sugar sweet with tons of mixed fruit terpenes, the Snow Goddess truly lives up to her name. One kiss and you'll be hers forever!

Mother: Selected Goddess Kush by Cabin Fever Seed Breeders
Father: Ski Train
Genetics:Selected {(Fire OG Kush x SFV OG Kush) x [Chem D x (Loompa's Headband x OG Kush)]} x [(Arcata Trainwreck x Super Silver Haze) x Pakistan Chitral Kush]
Grow Difficulty: Moderate - Some experience recommendedÿÿ
Indoor Flowering Time: 58-70 days

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