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Nombre: Pacific Surfliner OG Kush
Obtentor: Aztech Genetics
Ubicación: interior, exterior, invernadero
Tipo: mostly indica
Floración: ~60 días
Sólo disponible feminizadas.

Aztech Genetics - Pacific Surfliner OG Kush

Pacific Surfliner OG is a very good yielding strain with heavy resinous buds.

Our Pacific Surfliner OG is produced from the finest of selections of the well known US OG kush parentage believed to originally come from Chemdawg and Kush genetics.

Pacific Surfliner OG is an above average yielding strain and is suitable for both outdoor and indoor set ups.

A nice relaxing high that’s good for social occasions and to share among friends. She has a woody almost piney smell and will be a strain you’ll reach for consistently. Often used medically to relieve pain as well as sleep issues. You’ll find she has a high THC content 0f 23% plus

Pacific Surfliner OG is an indica dominant Strain and is ready to harvest in around 8-9 weeks flowering.

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