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Girl Scout Cookies

Girl Scout Cookies :: Infos de la variedad de cannabis

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Información oficial / Fundamentos sobre el Girl Scout Cookies de Clone Only Strains

Girl Scout Cookies
Thin Mints
Clone Only
interior, exterior
mostly indica
~67 días
Sólo disponible como cortes.

There is a big hype and also a lots of myths about the Girl Scout Cookies. Many people think the strain is a hybrid of the Cherry Pie (Cherry Kush) and also have some GDP in the lineage - but probably GSC have nothing to do with this strains and it's simply a South Florida OG Kush x F1 Durban hybrid. It's not a big yielder, but strong and tasty. Flowering around 9 - 10 weeks.

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Conocidos Fenotipos:
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1.: corta, estirada, lenta floración, indica-dominante Fenotipo
2.: larga, compacta, lenta floración, indica-dominante Fenotipo

Para esta variedad tenemos una entrada por 1 usuario(s). Aqui hay un pequeña vista general:

Tiempo de Floracion en interior: 69 - 71 dias (~70 dias)
Produccion / Cantidad Indoor: La cosecha de esta variedad es ligeramente arriba del promedio.
Impresion General Indoor: lo tiene todo junto extremadamente buena y muy muy recomendable.
Potencia / Duracion del efecto: La marihuana insanamente fuerte y dura mucho el efecto.
Las votaciones de nuestros usuarios: Girl Scout Cookies obtener 8.33 de los 10 posibles puntos en el promedio!

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al 26.03.2017, 09:44:Este comentario está conectado a un Perfil de Planta!

If not for the stress prone-ness and slow vegging I'd give her 10/10. Overall a superb plant if you can find a healthy, pure pheno with some vigor. Many bagseeds are "contaminated" by other strains and aren't all cookie genes, but stress can occasionally make pure seeds happen from self-pollenizing.

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al 15.01.2014, 07:19:

From a connoisseur genetics fb post

"some girl scout cookie info i thought i would share

big shout out to the real cookie creator
we love it over here at connoisseur genetics
reposted from facebook couldnt share for some reason?

The true story of GirlScoutCookies.
G.S.C. is C.P.K.
I only know of six people who KNOW the real story. Me, my wife, the two drivers, Berner and Jigga.
St. George (not his real name) is a killer breeder north of Laytonville. He crossed Cherry Pie with Chemdawg and called it CherryPieKush. It had a couple phenos, I settled on what is known as cookies. He gave it too a few of us and asked us not to call it Cherry Pie Kush yet because it was not stable and threw a few seeds. When the driver reached Berners he asked Berner to not call it CPK, Berner was eating actual girl scout cookies when it arrived and said it tasted like girl scout cookies. The day it showed up he named it and marketed it as girlscoutcookies. If you can find it in youtube comments you will see that when I quized Jigga he admits (We call that pre-cookies). Im sure they have front crossed it.
But as far as them saying that they created the strain, thats bullshit. They need to give at least Chemdawg his credit even if St. George wants to remain silent. Early in life it smells like lemon pledge (thin mints?) but if you wait till it is ready the smell changes to the cherry pie smell"

So yeah.

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