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Información oficial / Fundamentos sobre el Double D de KC Brains Holland

Double D
K.C. Brains
interior, exterior
También disponible feminizadas.

Aka: Danky Doodle
Being mostly sativa, she produces tall thin and sturdy plants with a typically sativa look – light green colas with long narrow leaves. Having a Viking’s genes makes her resistant to diseases, pests and mould; she is also one of easy growing marijuana varieties and can be grown outdoors and indoors, in pots, soil and/or hydroponics setups, or just about anywhere. She has an amazingly short flowering period for a sativa, just 9-12 weeks depending where you grow her. And then boom… the magic happens – her lightly fragrant flowers start turning into huge buds; her pleasant slightly spicy smell becomes more intensive; her buds begin developing thick shiny THC crystals. Danky Doodle’s marijuana is said to be one of the most powerful, the amount of THC varies from 15% to 20%. The more you nurture your sativa, the more THC you’ll get.
Vegetating such a gigantic cannabis is very easy and can be just fun. Consistency and stability taken from her parents make her ideal for beginners. When grown outside, Danky Doodle can reach her maximum height, up to 4m. Inside varieties remain a manageable size of about 150 cm and, yet, can produce a great 180 gr. of the best quality marijuana per plant.
Danky Doodle instantly wins your heart and mind with a strong narcotic high. It has a very powerful couchlock effect and, yet, unusually clear; smoking this strain doesn’t leave you with a hangover next day, which is any strains, is always a bonus.

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Double D von KC Brains Holland está disponible como semillas regulares y feminizadas. En 9 tiendas / bancos de semillas encontramos 21 ofertas entre EUR 5.71 por 1 semilla feminizada y EUR 278.48 por 50 semillas feminizadas. Si desea comprar semillas de cannabis Double D de KC Brains Holland, eche un vistazo a nuestra página de omparación de precios de Double D con todas las ofertas actuales, de todos los bancos de semillas y tiendas conectados - o visite una de las siguientes tiendas de semillas probadas, confiables y recomendadas directamente para ver sus ofertas actuales de Double D: Herbies Head Shop, Indras Planet GmbH,, Oaseeds, Discreet Seeds, Herbalist, Linda Seeds | Linda Semilla, Cannapot Hanfshop and PEV Seeds Bank.

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