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Big Bud
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May 1, 1987
The first seeds of the world-famous Big Bud are now available. These seeds are Northern Lights #1 x Big Bud x Big Bud, resulting in 75% Big Bud. The first cross, a NL#1 male to the original Big Bud cutting, resulted in extremely vigorous Big Bud types in 50% of the seedlings. The second cross, a handsome male from this generation back to the original Big Bud cutting, should result in even more Big Bud types among the seedlings. Also, the remaining hybrid vigor from the NL#1 should result in the appearance of a few super plants that should surpass even the original Big Bud in yield and quality, if enough seedlings are grown to choose from. These are the seeds that are now available.

Other Big Bud Hybrids will be available soon, including F1 hybrids with both Skunk #l, and Northern Lights #2 (Hindu Kush), also a 4-way hybrid of Big Bud / NL#1 and Skunk #1 / Early Pearl. The availability of these will be announced soon in a future Seed Bank Update.

After doing some research, we have also discovered the probable origin of the original Big Bud cutting. Apparently it was brought to America as a cutting from Afghanistan. This is very good news, as we should therefore be able to obtain a virtually pure-breeding seed line in a few more generations, since we have used our best Afghani, NL#1 as a starting point for backcrossing to the original cutting.

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