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Información del criador

Dead Dawg Queen es una variedad indica/sativa de y se puede cultivar interiores (donde las plantas femeninas necesitarán un período de floración de ±67 días), exteriores y en invernaderos. Semillas de Dead Dawg Queen de Bean Boyz Genetics no están disponibles en versiones feminizadas.

Descripción de Bean Boyz Genetics Dead Dawg Queen

Bean Boyz Genetics Dead Dawg Queen This evenly balanced indica and sativa hybrid marijuana strain is the result of crossing Deadhead OGK and Space queen cannabis strains. The result is a weed strain that has strong genetics and at the same can be grown indoor as well as outdoor. It grows to a short height and therefore easily manageable even by beginners who have basic marijuana cultivation background. Flowering time for this hybrid pot strain is expected when it reaches 9 weeks in most cases and it will produce a decent yield of cannabis buds that have lots of White hair, green to yellow leaves, and loaded with THC crystals and sticky resin indicative of its very high potency. The buds will emit a fuely scent that becomes strong especially when touched or air comes in inside the grow room. The effect when smoked is very strong that it is not advisable for beginners in marijuana smoking. As for the taste, expect this strain to have sweet and sour flavour.

Space Queen is a marijuana seeds strain that I've worked with over these last 3 years, believe it was Vic High that created it using Cindy 99 and Romulan as the beginning point. I'm going to make a confession here , , I've never had the slightest interest in growing Cindy 99! I've never sprouted a C-99 bean even though I have so many different hybrids I could easily work with in my collection. Most have come from a breeder named Med-Man in Vancouver. I have maybe 9 different combos of Cindy, also some from BOGA.

I'm jess that way when it comes to 'follow'n the crowd' in breeding. Your on it, I'm not. Too many in the pool for me. That said, I don't want to offend anyone that loves C-99, as that is certainly not my intentions here , , , honesty is.

Not too big on Romulan either, another Vic High strain, clone only. I'm sure Rom is super, no bad vibes towards it, but like Train Wreck, didn't impress me with what i was working with. Space Queen however did! I love the Queen's resin filled dank that pushes the limits and seems to even go beyond at times. I got my hook up with Leprechaun Seeds, they've called it "Lollypop." I use the name "Space Queen" as that is what it is. They'd BX'd it once, sent me several pacs of 10 regs to play with. That was 3 years ago. I found one female that I could work with and was ready to begin my task of making it stronger.

I always try to increase resin production, taste, odor in my pursuits. Many times it goes nowhere. Hour after hour of hard work and nothing special. Whatever is created must be stronger than what it comes from, or, it is disregarded as a potential candidate for breeding.

Unlike some famous breeders I do not discover "rotten fruit, baby shit, rotten meat" in my grows. I feel ripped off when it is promised to me!!!! I brought this up with jess such a breeder, and got this as an answer: "It's about Phenotype."

NO SHIT!! They said, "they find it all the time." I simply do not. There it is. I'm keep'n the faith, yet faith can be defined as "belief in what is yet unseen."

The Mamma: As I said, I have found one SQ plant that is very nice. She grows excellent herb which I smoke when i jess cannot "get over"... I've called her, "Little Queeny"... Her buds are sweet, fat, and resin packed, what i look for in a female. She grows easily, no issues at all, no PM while others around her had some issues, requires little efforts in creating a super plant.

The Daddy: I went to my Deadhead OGK for this crossing. Swerve has boasted about this creation over at Cali Conn.

I've tried to hook up with Swerve, but sadly he blew me off both times. These guys become like movie stars in their running with peeps they do not know, or, even want to know. I've been a "rock star" of sorts in my younger dayz, down in Jamaica I was treated like one by many that were informed! I understand the "circle the wagon" effect it has on you and your crewmates. I wish them all well. I did find a "backdoor" into Cali from me younger Bro. whom is CC'n with some of the Cali crew out West. I declined his offer of "anything they make" sent to me. I wouldn't want my art work being treated that way. Nor, will I ever treat other's work in such a disrespectful manor. Thanks away.

I have the Cali Deadhead OGK male in my stables, which i received from Attitude (Laura :). Laura's full boat TITS in my book. She "understands," is all I can say. This male is something special for sure. Swerve took an original "Skunk Va" (Chemdawg's online name) crossed it to his special San Fernando Valley- Ocean Grown Kush or, "SFV OGK F4" male.

(I believe a dude named Larry began the SFV in Cali. He'd received it as a gift.) I choose an incredible male out of the seeds received (20) to work with here at the Battcave. They were crossed this August, and have produced some nifty-trick beans. For the record, I've always seen growing as "speed dating," or, trying as many different strains as possible to find the pheno-mutations that are hopefully scrambled in there.

It is these "cannabis mutants" that drive the evolution forwards, or, as i say, "Growing Forward"... my suggestion is to add these to your bean collection as through these genetics... dreams will come true... :)

Male: Deadhead OGK (Skunk va X SFV OGK F4) Female: Space Queen (Cindy 99 (Pineapple cut) X Romulan)
Height: Shorter, but you never know
Weight: 4 ozs, depending on skills, luck. stretches during 12/12
THC: Very High, super resin production. Not for beginners
Scent/taste: sour/fuely, but sweet underneath
Bud Density: 8 out of 10 points
Flowering: 9-10 weeks, depending on Pheno
Sativa/Indica: about 50/50

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