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Alien vs Triangle x Nordurt

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Información oficial / Fundamentos sobre el Alien vs Triangle x Nordurt de Green Seed Bank

Alien vs Triangle x Nordurt
Green Seed
interior, exterior
Floración automático
~110 días (Desde la germinación hasta la cosecha.)
No disponible feminizadas.

The mother of this strain is a beautiful tall Alien vs. Triangle from Mephisto Genetics. Absolutely covered in trichomes.
The father was a slow flowering tall Nordurt. Nordurt is an old Danish heirloom. It has been grown in the Danish hippie community Thylejren since the seventies. Thylejren is a free place much like world famous Christiania. It has only been grown organically outdoors in Denmark for close to 50 years and probably much longer. Several generations have helped growing it every year and every year pick seeds from the best earliest flowering plants. This has become Nordurt that flowers automatically but slow to finish around 100-120 days.

Great cold climate outdoors
Most of the phenotypes in this cross have big airy colas that have lots og trichomes. The airy colas are very beneficial in cold climates outdoors where mold is often a problem. This plant is awesome at mold resistance.

Great uplifting high
The high is a great daytime high. Not too high and not too low.

Type: Regulars super auto
Size: 120-150cm
Harvest: 100-120 days
Potency: 4/5

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