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The Fire Department
303 Headband

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Información oficial / Fundamentos sobre el 303 Headband de The Fire Department

303 Headband
The Fire Department
interior, exterior, invernadero
mostly indica
~60 días
Sólo disponible como cortes.

Heavy and intense, mind-melding head high, giving it the name "Headwrecker" which can be intimidating at times, so watch out. The smoke really expands in the lungs and rolls off the tongue, cool and soothing to the palette...

Nice daytime strain if you need something more hard-hitting to get the job done. Terpene profile is Great for pain, migraines, eating disorders, and stress.

Grows well in SOG or ScrOG settings with lots of light and food. Organically and hydroponically grown and tested greenhouse, indoors and outdoors in Colorful-Colorado. Easy and fun to grow for the experienced professionals searching for just the right quality and quantity; and really packs a punch! Harvest between 55-65 days depending on desired terpene-profile/effects: this is due to the sativa and indica hybrid traits.

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