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Aquí puedes encontrar toda la infórmacion sobre el criador de cannabis MaD - Strains. Hemos recopilado info sobre 6 Variedades de Cannabis de raza de MaD - Strains. Haga clic en los nombres para encontrar más información, fotos, comentarios, comparaciones y tiendas para una variedad - y / o consulte la Información del Obtentor aquí en la página para obtener más información sobre MaD - Strains. También es posible visualizar todas las variedades de MaD - Strains junto con todos sus padres o híbridos con nuestros mapas dinámicos. Échale un vistazo!

6 Variedades de Cannabis


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We grow Medicinal and Delicate Strains since 2003. , MaD Strains is the reunion of underground growers who share the passion for medicinal cannabis. We will always choose quality over quantity. In all our work the taste of the strain and the medical potential are our two main selection criteria. The conservation of rare cannabis genetics lines is one of our principal goal. Our collection has kept on growing within the years and for that we thank everybody having contributed by sharing with us cuttings and seeds. Our first five strains are the really Top Shelf Dank quality genetics selected in more than a hundred of different crosses. That's make a ratio of one strain selected out of twenty crosses tested. We will keep doing it that way, to be sure to provide the best of we can offer. , In life, we have other things in common like our love for the Mother Earth, our hardcore passion for diferent types of music from old school hip hop to reggae roots and our affection for extreme sports. For us the honey bee is one of the best representation of nature's harmony and like we do she produce medicinal and delicate extrations from plants. That's why we choose a Hip Hop stylish bee for emblem. , If one day you choose to buy one of our strains you can be sure that you will have a homemade product from cannabis dedicated people with more than 15 years experience in the domain., For more information, check out our website.