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Nombre: Menace To Society
Obtentor: MaD Strains
Ubicación: interior, exterior, invernadero
Tipo: mostly sativa
Floración: ~65 días
Sólo disponible feminizadas.

MaD - Strains - Menace To Society

Back in the day we tested for the first time our clone of Chemmy Jones from Connoisseur Genetics it was obvious that a wedding test with Cheese Exodus (U.K. clones) stood out. Why? For several reasons:

To increase the production and the effect of Cheese by mixing her in the strong genes of Chemmy. To obtain medium-sized and bushy plants. Finally and above all to preserve the power of the taste and the smell of these two specimens, both plants have a taste and a musky flavor with lines(features) skunky, Cheese being more on the of side overripe fruit, road kill skunk and the Chemmy more on the side Chemdog.

Menace to Society did not fail in our expectations and produces a good quantity of superior-quality buds With resinous and pumped up calyx. This variety will know how to adapt itself to your mode of culture. In natural form of pine tree, his energy allows her to produce mains buds of generous size. In the shape of bush by favoring the secondary branches to maximize the growth of the numerous one buds, the harvest is also consequent.

The blooming is rather fast, indoor, the harvest is situated near 60 in 70 days, as well as the ideal period to collect this strain is situated by the end of September in outdoor.

The taste on certain plants is more Cheezy, on others more Chemmy, but always by keeping a pleasant mixture of both.

Menace to Society is a real menace to your carbon filters! Be warned, a small bud can perfume a whole room!

Thanks to its high rate of terpenes this variety possesses a huge medicinal potential, very effective against the loss of appetite, it helps fight the cramps, the vomitings and the chromic pains and gastric pains. She is also effective in the fight against the insomnias.

Height: Medium.
Production: High
Thc: 17-20 %
60%Sativa 40%Indica
indoor: 60 in 70 days
outdoor: At the end of September
Taste: Strong, cheezy, musky, chemmy, skunky
Medicinal: loss of appetite, antispasmodic, anti emetic( anti-vomiting), gastric and chronic pains, insomnia
Genetics: Cheese Exodus (U.K. clones) X Chemmy Jones

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