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White Widow Auto

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Información del criador

White Widow Auto es una variedad de floración automática ruderalis/indica/sativa de y se puede cultivar interiores, exteriores y en invernaderos, donde las plantas femeninas, autoflorecientes necesitan ±67 días desde la siembra hasta la cosecha. Semillas de White Widow Auto de Seeds66 es dominante en THC y solo están disponibles en versiones feminizadas.

Descripción de Seeds66 White Widow Auto

Seeds66 White Widow Auto The automatic version of the White Widow by Seeds66. The simple, fast version of one of the best known varieties on the market. Ideal for beginners.

What is there to say about Auto White Widow that has not been said yet?
The Amsterdam classic, which has become a fixture in the world for Stoner, is, for a good reason, a multi-award winning and timeless classic. Australian gardener Scott Blakey combined 40 percent Indian indica with 60 percent Brazilian sativa varieties. At this point, I'm not aware that it would become a worldwide success.
White Widow automatic Strain effect

What makes the White Widow so unique? Well, the wonderfully fragrant aroma and the spicy-sweet taste with a remarkable aftertaste of citrus fruits are enough to make them a real winner. As far as the high itself is concerned, White Widow delivers a powerfully stimulating high, often accompanied by gigantic euphoria. This then soon turns into a beautifully relaxed full-body stoned, which guarantees a Couchlock after prolonged or particularly heavy use.

The plant itself takes its name not only from a deadly spider, but also from the characteristic dull-white buds, which have a similar shape to pine cones. It is covered with THC crystals all over and gives the whole bud the appearance of a beautiful diamond coating. Medical marijuana users use White Widow to relieve stress and treat mild anxiety.
Growth and Revenue of White Widow Auto

Although it can be bred in climates with plenty of sun and heat outdoors, experienced growers prefer to grow indoors. Medium-sized plants are expected, with flowering times in the range of seven to nine weeks and a maximum yield of 450 g per square meter. Please do not over-fertilize. The THC content is also more than generous and often at or around the 20% mark.

The charm of White Widow is obvious. It is not just a beautiful strain that delivers a truly epic high. She is now finished in the automatic version much earlier than her mother.

Genetics: White Widow x Ruderalis
Variety: 40% indica / 60% sativa
THC content: 14 - 20%
Yield: up to 450 grams / m2
Height: 50 - 80 cm
Blüzezeit: about 9 - 10 weeks from germination to harvest
Taste: lemony and spicy
Effect: first a high then relaxing

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CBD White Widow Auto
White Widow Auto x Unknown Strain cbd rich

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