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Nombre: White Widow
Obtentor: Sensation Seeds
Ubicación: interior, exterior
Tipo: mostly indica
Floración: ~56 días
Sólo disponible feminizadas.

Sensation Seeds - White Widow

The seeds of White Widow cannabis produced by Sensation Seeds are part of a feminized cannabis strain which is Indica-dominant that is the outcome of a White Widow Elite clone of 1997. Since its inception, White Widow has been a part of every Dutch coffee shop menu in the 1900s. White Widow is encased with crystals, and this is a caution of the powerful impact it brings. A potent surge of energy and euphoria passes through instantly, enhancing both creativity and conversation.

White Widow is remarkable, hardy and easy to grow marijuana plant which flowers quickly and creates buds that are dense and filled with resin. Our Feminised White Widow can mature to around 1 m of height indoors and could get to 2m outdoors. It could be grown in places with cold climates like UK, Netherlands, and France but it requires Surplus sunlight. It can produce 56-65g for each plant if Grown indoors or 450-500g per square meter underneath a 600W light. It can produce about 800 – 950 gr per plant when planted outdoors. It is suitable for the climate of Northern Europe although it has produced better yields in environments which are warmer.

This Feminised White Widow will take nine weeks to be done flowering and requires minimal maintenance. It is an appropriate plant for first-timers to grow. Its conditions are also appropriate for growers who would rather choose a sea of green operation. White Widow lets off a floral, fresh aroma and has a bittersweet, acute flavor alongside a floral which is pleasant as well as a fruity aftertaste. The effect of this Strain is very physical and allows for relaxation. It is a seed which helps in getting rid of stress, muscle tension, insomnia, anorexia among others. Overall, the mixture of consistency and quality which is pronounced in this feminized version ensures this is one of our most favorite classics available from us today.

Sativa 35%
Indica 65%
Height indoor 60 - 110 cm
Height Outdoor 155 - 235 cm
Effect Extreme body relaxing
Flowering Time 8 weeks
Gen White Widow
Type Feminized
Yield indoor 550 - 600 gr m2
Yield outdoor 800 - 950 gr
Harvest Mid October
THC High
Taste Bittersweet, Pleasant Floral, Fruity

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