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Nombre: Vietnam Black x Thai
Obtentor: ACE Seeds
Ubicación: interior, exterior
Tipo: sativa
Floración: ~91 días
No disponible feminizadas.

ACE Seeds - Vietnam Black x Thai

Excellent hybrid of sativas from South East Asia. Our best Vietnam Black, Orient Express’s mother, has been pollinated by a Meao Thai male, the exceptional highland Thai developed by Cannabiogen.

Compared to Golden Tiger, Vietnam Black x Thai offers more powerful aroma, higher yield and quicker flowering time, though its flowers are not so dense and powerful.

Structure: Sativa with a strong and bushy structure, is the most robust Thai hybrid.

Bouquet: In approximately half of the plants dominate the sweet and sugary flavours, while in the other half, typical wet earthy aroma and coffee are to be found. Deep and long lasting taste in the palate.

High: Warm and expansive effect, stimulating at the begining and then relaxing.

Outdoors: Recommended for tropical/subtropical climates. In more northern climates we recommend coastal climates with warm autumns.

Indoors: Vietnam Black x Thai is the best adapted Sativa x Meao Thai for indoor growing. Recommended light intensity: 600 w/m2.

Genetics: Vietnam Black x Meao Thai. F1 Hybrid. 100% sativa.
Flowering indoors: 12-14 weeks
Flowering outdoors: Beginning of November.
Yield: Medium-High
Resistance against spider mite: Medium
Resistance against Powdery Mildew: Medium
Resistance against botrytis: High
Resistance against cold: Medium-High

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Vietnam Black x Thai de ACE Seeds solo está disponible como semilla regular, no como semilla feminizada. En 2 tiendas / bancos de semillas encontramos 2 ofertas entre EUR 45.00 y EUR 55.35

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