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Sour Blue Thai
Master Thai
interior, exterior, invernadero
~57 días
No disponible feminizadas.

Aka: Blue Lotus

Deep Blue to Purple tones,very very frosty, crossing Old school breeding to New school, Total Candy here !!!! Master has improved the flavors, highs, Flower time and yields to make a very special sativa/Indica Hybrid cross of a special class. Lots of Good Old High Sierra Flower Power here! Reminds Master Thai of Old Fashion Oregon Smoke, like fine East Indian incense.
Taking His Old School Tahoe Blue Thai Kush Classic and breeding it to our Love Sic #1. The local nick name, A homemade cross of my 1974 Santa Marta Gold Colombian Gold x Rare 1973 Zacatecas x G-13 Indica)
Private Stash of Master Thai's for almost a decade & half.

Flower Time 52-62 days
Very Relaxing,
Xlnt for Meditation
Cure for 3-4 weeks for a very Intense flavor.
That will blow your mind as well as the THC% here.

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