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Información oficial / Fundamentos sobre el SmellyBerry de Underground Originals

Underground Orig.
interior, exterior
~53 días
No disponible feminizadas.

Type: Sativa/Indica Hybrid
Parentage: Blues x Original Blueberry
Harvest Indoors: 7 – 8 weeks after starting 12/12 light-cycle
Harvest Outdoors: End of September – beginning/mid October
Cerebral Hit: A mellowing, calming cerebral hitter, with no trace of a paranoid edge to it. The mind is opened to a stimulated imagination and a large smile follows.
Physical Hit: A feeling of bodily relaxation and lightness, a cannabinoid massage of the highest order.
Medicinal Value: “SmellyBerry” has been, for some folks, a good strain to relax stiff muscles, and even to deal with spasms. As an adjunct to painkillers, it is very useful and may even have full on analgesic properties for certain kinds of pain. The Blueberry parent has given a light, energising effect without any edges; as a result the strain maybe excellent for those with mental health issues.
Smell: Dense, strong and hashy, with some seriously strong fruit overtones. Extremely aromatic, Carbon filters an absolute essential requirement!
Bud Appearance: The buds and colas on SmellyBerry are extremely dense and the colas are awash with massive, hefty stacked calyxes. The resin production is extreme and coats the buds in a solid layer of THC. The leaves and buds may turn red-blue with lower temps.
Taste: Fruity Blueberry taste, very pleasing, very moreish!
Yield Indoors: Excellent, especially when given good veg time.
Yield outdoors: Dependant on climate and seasonal variations; but expect excellent yields.

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