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Santa Maria

una variedad desconocida / legendaria

Aquí puede encontrar toda la información sobre la variedad de cannabis desconocida (o legendaria) Santa Maria. Si busca información sobre la variedad desconocida (o legendaria) Santa Maria, consulte la Información Principal, Premios, Linaje / Genealogía o Híbridos / Cruces sobre esta variedad de cannabis aquí en esta página y siga los enlaces para obtener aún más información - o enumere todas las Variedades de Santa Maria (5) para encontrar una versión diferente. Si tienes alguna experiencia personal con el cultivo o el consumo de esta variedad de cannabis, ¡utiliza los enlaces de carga para subirlos a la base de datos!

Informacion Basica

Santa Maria es una variedad indica/sativa de origen desconocido y se puede cultivar exteriores. .

Qué sabemos de la desconocida / legendaria Santa Maria?

Santa Maria is a variety of marijuana stemming from the Brazilian Amazon where it has been used in a spiritual context. The distribution in Holland of the real Santa Maria clones was done by the former Highlife-magazine chief editor, Bernt Gundersen, because he was bringing his new `found` clones of a strain that is worldwide known by now... to No Mercy Supply... to Cees.

( February 2020 By SpeesCees )

I think that serious breeders/cultivators are the only ones who don’t make serious money in Cannabisworld.
Some people start to make me out like a money wolf and they even use real bad names on me.
Just.. because I want a good price for F8 Santa’s.
They start to ask prices, so I send them a price list.
But then… it seems fast that they’re only interested in the F8 Santa’s !
And then… after I wrote them what the F8 will cost…. I’m the biggest idiot in the world and they gave me names I never hearth of.
The fools don’t understand that when they should be serious with me, that I can help them to come easy to a point they want.
But ones they do give me words and make me out for … pfffff, they even can’t become them for the highest price possible.
My pride is something they can’t take away from me.

Ok,… back to You and The Santa Maria’s.
Well, Planck was born just after I did save (you may call it to rescue ) the Santa’s thanX to Bernt Gundersen who did bring them to me in the form of 7 clones.
He was standing at 3 o’clock in the night on my door because he did not have a place to set them out in good pots under a good lamp.
They were stolen by Bernt, to be honest. ( Bernt was the head redactor of HighLife magazine.) Bernt did take 1.5 years to win their trust, and after a lot of visiting this Brazilian sect, they did show him their grow room and clone room.
Bernt did wear such an old big military jack with big pockets. So, the 7 clones landed in his pockets because he did know that it possible the only chance he would become to have those genetics.
This because he did know already that they did not have any seed of Santa Maria’s.
So they were going only on clones and didn’t know how to act to become pure, genetically 100% Santa Maria seed, since the guy who did bring them in, was not there anymore.

The story of some seedbanks and some idiots, that the Santa Maria should come forward out of a Brazilian strain, is bullshit.
People here in The Netherlands did think, a Brazilian sect, Brazilian name, some crazy people who did like to give the Santa’s their own name called Planck, ( They did make a big story out of it in the media ) and that the Santa’s did have a history in Brasilia!
No no no…. that’s a story they did makeup because the strain did need a name and a founder of that strain.
My investigation did bring me to California where the Santa’s for 90% sure did come from.
By now I don’t see much movement any more with the name Planck. Too much people did see already that this Planck was exactly like a Santa Maria. And they only could have found them by me.

In the beginning, this was not easy for me cause stolen….. is stolen ! Well, to be honest, right now it’s even not a serious item for me anymore.
They were going hard and fast over the human line as we all know. DON’T MISUSE WOMEN AND/OR CHILDREN !
They were doing crazy things with the women and children at the weekends when they had these spiritual happenings in the “Brazilian church” they did run. Well, women and children were sexually misused in a heavy way. The men who did play guilty did become a serious jail punishment.
After that…. I did not have any mercy for them and my frustration that they were stolen was gone !
The first I did anyway was manipulating 1 of them with gibberellic acid and that manipulated Santa did pollinate 3 of her sisters.
That did bring me like 430 pure female Santa Maria seeds.

And with that lot 100% female pure XX seeds of the mother herself ( I did keep the seeds from the mother I did manipulate, and who did also pollinate herself, apart ) It was easy to start the process of 8 times back to the mother to become her genetically 100% pure in seed. I also did start a line with an inbred strain from a Mexican haze X Silver Pearl. They were inbred to F3 if I’m well. So that did bring Santa Maria X Mexican Haze # Silver Pearl. The # is standing for inbred. But a lot of people don’t understand that cultivators sign. In the end…. That line was used for other things than bringing back the pure Santa Maria’s.
In this one, with clean XXy Santa Maria seeds, as they came from the founder his clones after treating them with G.A., I did not need to keep clones of the mother alive for 5-6 –7 years on two places to spread the risk. When I did need the mother for the next step, I just did have to germinate a few of these female seeds and picking out the best looking one from the start.

Oké… ones I was on the point of the F6… a big surprise was waiting. In science, they learn that F6 is back to pure again. Surprise… Cannabis doesn’t have rules made by people. Cannabis should be inbred to F8 to be genetically clean again. For that wisdom, I stick my hands in a fire if I’m wrong. A funny but very nice thing that did show up was that I discovered that first with the F6 generation they did start to give serious Phenotypes. So, the F8 generation is coming forward out of inbreeding but also by a no mercy way to select the wonderful Phenol’s to move on. And that was a very well move with great thanks to mother nature. ( I will send you a photo of little Santa Maria plants during the bringing up period. Just to show you how they are similar to each other ) So, shortly it’s like : The F8 Santa’s are coming forward out of just Pheno’s. And that’s a pleasure to see if they are growing up and flowering like there’s an extra motor in them. With no special tactics but pure natural.
And then: By accident, I did find out why I’m a fool sometimes! On a forum that I did start and fast left because my “partner” did show me already soon that his attentions were not then he told me. He just did need someone to become fast people on that forum, and he did like some…F8 Santa Maria !
We did have a contest on that forum with a nice prize for the winner. The question was easy: Who can find the most strains with Santa Maria genetics in that strain !? Man…. I almost went crazy! One guy already did find almost 250 strains with Santa in it !
And then….. I did wake up ! So… no more Santa Maria for the hobby growers or just the F3. This damned seedbanks did use some “hobby growers “ to order the Santa’s for hobby prices from me.
I will publish the list of strains with Santa’s in their genetics in the very near future. Did you know that the first successful auto flower was the Lowrider1 that did come out a Ruderalis X Santa Maria F8 !

The Lowrider2 was again a Lowrider1 X Santa Maria F8. They even use text and photos from my website. By now, believe me, at least 70% of all auto flowers do have Santa Maria in their genes.
The problem is that I’m still the flower power freak and I’m going at first with the mind full of trust. Well,… the seed banks and commercial breeders don’t know any mercy. It’s all just for the money. Even if they have to kill nice strains with good genetics.
Crossings with Ruderalis seems to me like a crime ! And the feminized seed is created by the use of that toxin silver water,
(Colloinaal water), and that’s not a plant own stuff like gibberellic is. The third feminized generation is bringing already weaker plants. Some seed banks do have already feminized seed in the bank as back up for the strain. In time… when I’m dead already they will remember my words as I told them already for over 25 years.

I wrote this so detailed like it’s now, to have the Santa story straight on paper.
I’m tired to write it over and over again.
Excuse me for my poor English.

Cees / SpeesCees

No hay descripción adecuada español hasta ahora!

Santa Maria Premios

¡Santa Maria es una variedad premiaday ganó el 5to lugar en la Highlife Cup 2009, en la categoría Bio, presentada de Guna Guna.!

Santa Maria Linaje / Genealogía

Árbol Genealógico de Santa Maria

Ver todos los padres de Santa Maria en nuestro mapa dinámico

Híbridos & Cruces con Santa Maria

Encontramos 12 descendientes directos de Santa Maria en la base de datos de seedfinder, aquí una breve descripción. Para ver todos los híbridos y sus descendientes, visite nuestra página de genealogía de Página Genealogía de Santa Maria y eche un vistazo a todos los descendientes directos, los cruces como las siguientes generaciones.

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Sugar Mango Ryder
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Mapa de los Descendientes de Santa Maria

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