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Nombre: Reclining Buddha
Obtentor: Soma Seeds
Ubicación: interior, exterior
Tipo: mostly indica
Floración: ~63 días
No disponible feminizadas.

Soma Seeds - Reclining Buddha

80% Indica / 20% Sativa
Minimum yield: 15-20 grams
Flowering: 9 weeks

Reclining Buddha is a 3-way hybrid that combines the genetics of Hollands Hope with Super Skunk and Big Skunk Korean. Circulating in the Netherlands during the 1980s, Hollands Hope is a mold resistant strain with a very close nodal structure whose name can be attributed to her success in outdoor grows, even in Holland`s wettest season. Reclining Buddha has held this characteristic, and combined it with the enjoyable smell and yields of its other two parents. Previously named Soma Skunk V, the new, enlightened name came out of a philosophical session prompted under her influence. A fairly short plant, Reclining Buddha must remain in vegetative phase for a considerable amount of time to become a big plant. She also will not make a lot of side branches, and the ones that do tend to be smaller, a combination that predisposes this variety to do well with minimal effort in a sea of green set-up. Reclining Buddha`s buds are tight and narrow, allowing moisture to escape easier than short thicker bud formations. Try this one outdoors even in humid locations for a covert plant that delivers high-quality yield. Buddha buds form many dark auburn hairs early. When everything around it still has white hairs, Reclining Buddhas hairs have turned a color that tempts you to harvest, but exercise patience. Reclining Buddha needs a full 9 weeks to reach maturity, and the high just gets better with the wait. This medicinal quality cannabis has the taste of a sweet cherry candy and an uplifting creative high that is lucid and mentally stimulating.

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¿Dónde se puede comprar esta variedad?

Reclining Buddha de Soma Seeds solo está disponible como semilla regular, no como semilla feminizada. En 6 tiendas / bancos de semillas encontramos 23 ofertas entre EUR 1,267.94 y EUR 852.60

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Comentarios de usuario sobre esta variedad:

al 04.10.2011, 16:14:

buddha wächst nicht sehr hoch, deshalb sollte man (steckling) 4 Wochen Wachstum geben. Beschneiden verträgt sie gut, die großen Buds brauchen ein wenig Unterstützung.

Blütezeit: 9- 10 Wochen
Stretch: 80 - 100%
Ertrag: sehr gut/ sehr gut für SOG geeignet


Skunkig und fruchtig mit leichtem kirscharoma
macht gut stoned, stimmungsaufhellend, entspannend.

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  • 3. Lugar HTCC 1999

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