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Point of No Return

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Información del criador

Point of No Return es una variedad indica/sativa de y se puede cultivar interiores (donde las plantas femeninas necesitarán un período de floración de ±69 días) y exteriores. Semillas de Point of No Return de Mandala es dominante en THC y no están disponibles en versiones feminizadas.

Descripción de Mandala Point of No Return

Mandala Seeds Point of No Return This exceptional medical strain should not be missing in any garden if you are looking for a one-hit wonder with a good yield and delicious aroma. Point of No Return (P.N.R.) delivers a beautiful crop of thick cone-shaped buds crowned by towers of resiny calyxes. The long head bud tapers at the end like a peak and has a sufficiently airy structure that contributes to the high mold resistance. Although this is not a large plant it focuses a tremendous amount of energy into bud development and has potential as a high yielder - especially in hydroponics, a greenhouse, or outdoor. P.N.R. grows to a broad christmas tree shape with very long leaf stalks that allow light to pass through the plant, thereby allowing close planting despite the branchy growth. Pruning the the bottom side branches at the first two internodes can be beneficial, especially if you intend to grow in SOG or hydroponics. Due to it’s growth pattern P.N.R may also be a good choice for SCROG and for cultivating a multi-branch plant. With 4 weeks of vegetative growth, under 400W HPS/m2 in quality soil, you can expect the plants to reach a height between 70-125cm and most will average between 90-100cm. To select the highest yielding mother plant with exceptional resin production we recommend focusing on the taller females. If you require shorter plants for a Homebox/grow tent/closet you can simply reduce the vegetative time to 3 weeks.

The medical properties are very promising for persons who require the benefits of a narcotic or pain reducing strain. The easy growing/low maintenance feature typical of our Mandala genetics adds to the many positive traits of Point of No Return which medical growers will appreciate, especially if they are unable to care for their garden in an intensive way. Flowering time can be extended a few days to further enhance CBD levels.

The high is first felt in the head and an immobilizing effect sets in - emptying the mind of all thoughts. There is literally no turning back once you inhale the first tokes of Point of No Return. It’s best to smoke PNR sitting down! After about one hour the intense stony feeling abates leaving you in a pleasantly relaxed, dreamy state. You can experience the full medical benefits from the indica stone without uncomfortable side-effects such as a hangover the next day. The pain reducing properties work similar to a massage: at the onset of the high you may feel a heightened awareness of the discomfort zones in the body, this eventually gives way to a series of warm wave-like sensations that initiate the relaxation and pain relief phase. Cramp related pain responds well to P.N.R.’s soothing effect. The medical benefits are long lasting and can be felt for many hours. We recommend a calm environment to get the most out of the stress releasing and sleep inducing properties. Smoke this strain about ½-1 hour before going to bed if you suffer from sleep disorders (experiment and see what works best for you). This is a goodnight stone that makes you wake up refreshed. We wish you sweet dreams!

Type: indica-sativa
Contains land race genetics from: Afghanistan; Mexico
Cultivation: indoor/outdoor
Flowering time: 65-72 days/ mid-October (south), late October (north)
Yield: 350-400gr/m2 (dry weight); 700-1000 gr per plant outdoor in the ground (dry weight).
High: a knockout medical-grade indica stone; couch lock; body relaxation.
Aroma: peppermint; sweet; fruity-berry.
Medical use: deep and long lasting medical effects; suitable for pain relief, reducing MS related spasms, hyperactivity & nervousness, anxiety, stress related symptoms, sleep disorders, menstrual cramps, muscle relaxant.

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¿Dónde comprar semillas de marihuana de Point of No Return?

Point of No Return de Mandala Seeds solo está disponible como semilla regular, no como semilla feminizada. En 10 tiendas / bancos de semillas encontramos 16 ofertas entre USD 29.17 por 10 semillas regulares y USD 342.57 por 70 semillas regulares. Si desea comprar semillas de cannabis Point of No Return de Mandala Seeds, eche un vistazo a nuestra página de omparación de precios de Point of No Return con todas las ofertas actuales, de todos los bancos de semillas y tiendas conectados - o visite una de las siguientes tiendas de semillas probadas, confiables y recomendadas directamente para ver sus ofertas actuales de Point of No Return: Canna-Seed Seed Shop, Original Seeds Store, Cannapot Hanfshop, Alchimia Grow Shop, Herbies Head Shop, Linda Seeds | Linda Semilla, Hanf & Hanf, Indras Planet GmbH, and Oaseeds.

Galería de Point of No Return

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Propiedades Medicinales de Point of No Return

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Comparaciones con Point of No Return

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Point of No Return de Mandala
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