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Pink Panther

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Pink Panther
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probably a Nectar's blackberry pheno.

bodhi: pink panther is an old tightly held norcal purple line, more red than purple, a truly beautiful plant, there was a thread here a while back on its origins but i can't find it now.

snowhigh seeds: ...a very potent amethyst purple and pink expressed strain with strong fruity berry aromas and OG Kush undertones with translates to the palette very well.

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tiempo de la cosecha en exterior o al aire libre o guerrilla: A mitad de Augosto +/- 1 Semana in CmArβ climates.
Produccion / Cantidad Outdoor: La cosecha de esta variedad es ordinario.
Impresion General Outdoor: lo tiene todo junto extraordinaria y ampliamente recomendable.
Las votaciones de nuestros usuarios: Pink Panther obtener 6.50 de los 10 posibles puntos en el promedio!

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Grown outdoors from 24/7 veg clones. Early June Planting - Immediately went to flower and finished Mid August in under 60 days.
Very little nutrients from ambient soil. Stretched 200% with dense sticky buds very close side branches that filled in with bud.
Susceptible to botrytis in cool moist climate. My clones held three bladed leaves all the way through flower.

Indoor hydro grows extremely fast with long sparse stems and few side branches. Will show sex with just an hour of darkness and Flips to flower in mere days, but susceptible to pythium.

Update: My clones were sourced from a revegged mom and were still hormonally confused (3blade leaves) when planted. I suspected this and have since confirmed at source, so not an ideal grow and pythium and botrytis may be result of transition immunity rather than reflection of strain I had (potential of).

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