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Nombre: Misty Bubble
Obtentor: SOG Seeds
Ubicación: interior, exterior
Tipo: mostly indica
Floración: ~61 días
No disponible feminizadas.

SOG Seeds - Misty Bubble

Aka: Mist Bubble

Mist Bubble is a cross of Nirvana's Blue Misty and SogSeeds Double Bubble. The Blue Misty was chosen for the yield and for soft blue hues that show up mid-way into flowering and the Double Bubble to sweeten it up and for the short internodes. A nice indica plant with nice short internodes which is perfect for sog growers and can be grown into a nice bush.

Misty Bubble is very stable strain with nice big dense resinous bud's, with an structure just like the Blue Misty's but with more resin and a lot sweeter taste. One of the first thing's you will notice with this strain is the pungent sweet smell. all your,ll want to do is keep smelling her.

With Misty Bubble there is minimal stretch when changed to 12/12 period so growers with limited space can use this to their advantage carbon filtration required.

Plant structure: indica
Flowering time: 56/65 days
smell: very sweet like fruity sugar
Taste: sweet in the inhale and on the exhale
Yield: sog 1oz pp and into a bush 3oz to 5oz pp

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