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Nombre: Lazy Ice
Obtentor: Sumo Seeds
Ubicación: interior, exterior
Tipo: mostly indica
Floración: ~60 días
Sólo disponible feminizadas.

Sumo Seeds - Lazy Ice

Mix between Northern Light and White Widow genetics. Lazy Ice has a high flower to leaf ratio a supreme compact growth, which makes this a great F1 hybrid. The sticky buds are covered in shiny THC. Lazy Ice is well suited for outdoor- and indoor growing. First signs indoors of flowering start around the 3rd week. Her grow phase is fast and vigorous. Perfect for SOG. Earthy, fruity aroma with a candy flossy aftertaste. Compact bud structure.

Type: 80% Indica
Yield: High
Height: 0.50 - 1.00 cm
Flowering indoor: 8/9 weeks
Flowering outdoor: March-Sept / Oct (zone A,B, C)
THC level: High

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