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strain from charlie garcia / kaiki

You know we are and have been always working with sativas a lot, thus jamaican, panaman, guatemala, mexican, columbian, congo, malawy, nigeria, lesotho, india, nepal, thailand, vietnam, etc are some of our breeding tools present in our hybrids.

In this same research way comes Jamaica/Panama... was worked in different ways and locations lets say. 3 panaman males were responsible of all these results from pollen I sent to a couple of friends growing the lovely old Jamaican. One of them, Mascobelix, selected 2 jamaicans, calling one of them columbian pheno (I think is your pheno) as bit more stretchy although both grown in his hands were massive. Seeds we worked with came from the shortest internodals female, a fat lady with huge yield as well.

And this last one is line we chose to keep on going as some showed a shorter look, bit broader and manageable internodals while yielding a lot, guess due segregation of Jamaican traits as it uses to do when outcrossed (see NepalJam as well in this sense). Some males still showed the tallest Panaman dads look (last picture). Most of leaves in this Jamaican/Panaman give 9 to 12 leaflets but bit broader, not thin leaves, which sometimes makes leaves need time to fully extend all "fingers".

So we are working now to find best most potent and balanced effect females to use them for fixing best traits. We will be showing results soon as they come after initial selections. Although all lines here are worked and shared as well with all ACE team collective, I guess hybrid when released will be under CBG brand

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