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Nombre: Dream Catcher
Obtentor: Taylor'd Genetics
Ubicación: interior, exterior
Tipo: indica/sativa
Floración: ~67 días
Sólo disponible feminizadas.

Taylor'd Genetics - Dream Catcher

Their original strain Dream Catcher is named after the Native American hanging art pieces that are traditionally used to help people filter their visions while sleeping, and this strain helps to do much the same thing. The genetics are from the breeders’ favorite Skunk and Afghani indicas, making it a heavy indica-influenced mix. The presence of Skunk, the original indica/sativa hybrid, brings sturdy structure and great yields to the uniformity of the Afghani indica, meaning that Dream Catcher is a grower’s dream.

This plant is a bit of an all-rounder, being medium in height and density, which makes it suitable for a number of grow situations, both indoors and out. When flowering, you’ll notice that the buds are wide but not too fat. As harvest time approaches they grow harder and more compact. When this happens, keep an eye on your buds for signs of mold, as the density can give rise to precisely the warm, wet conditions that mold thrives in. From the start of the vegetative stage the plants exhibit very symmetrical growth. The uniform branching makes it unnecessary to train these Dream Catcher most of the time, and the plants are exceptionally easy to clone in order to preserve the fantastic genetics. The plant is very resinous and has large trichomes that shine pleasantly and, with flowering in 67 days, Dream Catcher is a fast flowerer. Be sure not to pick the buds before they’re fully ripe, as you’ll be missing out on some serious quality smoke. If you’re growing outdoors in the Northern hemisphere, expect harvest around October 10th.Though the yield of this plant may not be as huge as some other hybrids, you’ll walk away with a very good size stash and the quality of the nugs surpasses that of a lot of other high-yielding plants. Dream Catcher buds have a silky smoke that bursts into melon and strawberry flavors as soon as it hits your tongue. Much like its name sake, the high appeases the mind by only letting positivity and good energy into your head; but it also packs a dense body feeling that leaves you somewhere between sleep and wakefulness – a feeling that you certainly won’t forget in a hurry. Check your local dispensary for some delicious nugs of Dream Catcher and you won’t regret it – this strain has incredible medicinal potential.

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