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Nombre: Chemdog Sour Diesel
Obtentor: Reservoir Seeds
Ubicación: interior, invernadero
Tipo: indica/sativa
Floración: ~74 días
No disponible feminizadas.

Reservoir Seeds - Chemdog Sour Diesel

The Chemdog D Clone has been selectively hybridized with Reservoirs inbred Sour Diesel line. With a flowertime of 70-77 days, the results are as expected, when you cross two of the worlds finest varieties: kickass! This is the stuff that legends are made of.

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Tiempo de Floracion en interior: 70 - 80 dias (~75 dias)
Produccion / Cantidad Indoor: La cosecha de esta variedad es ordinario.
Impresion General Indoor: lo tiene todo junto absolutamente ordinaria.
Potencia / Duracion del efecto: La marihuana es muy fuerte y dura bastante.
Las votaciones de nuestros usuarios: Chemdog Sour Diesel obtener 6.33 de los 10 posibles puntos en el promedio!

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A Chemdawg dominant pheno, pain in the rear to grow but a good strong tasty smoke and very resinous. If it were stable and more vigourous it would be very nice indeed. World class resin and flavor in a weak plant

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al 08.09.2014, 08:24:Este comentario está conectado a un Perfil de Planta!

Easily heat stressed. Hermaphrodites easily, only two germed but seeds were about 4 years old when attempted. Good chem dominant taste but average yield and not an equal tradeoff for the amount of work it takes to make it worthwhile. Guess Rez dun goofed and should have been more careful in his selection for Sour Diesel IBL. Sours tend to have herm tendencies but this cross does not work well in unstabilized F1 form. Perhaps with the right selection down to F3 or F4 some stability could come out but if the SD IBL that he used is to blame then all progeny from it should probably be avoided for their overall weakness, low stress tolerance, and herm tendencies, not to mention very weak branches which tend to snap easily :-/

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