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Chem DD x Star Dawg

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Información oficial / Fundamentos sobre el Chem DD x Star Dawg de Greenpoint Seeds

Chem DD x Star Dawg
Greenpoint Seeds
interior, exterior
mostly indica
~67 días
No disponible feminizadas.

Female used from Lem’s F2 of the original Chem DD here are a few of Lem’s words on the Chem DD: ”This all started with Rezdogs creation when he crossed the famous Chemdog D to his Sour Diesel IBL male back in 2007 - 08. Rez made two seed batches with this male before he lost him. Since then, the DD has been remade but with a different male. This version that I present is the one with the first special and lost Sour Diesel male. I say special because, you pop the seeds and see the magic happen, you will know why. You should find three distinct pheno's in these seed packs. One that shows up about 30% of the time, is the famous Garlic pheno. She usually will lean a bit more towards the Indica/Kush type of profile and easy to spot either through plant structure or scent. The next pheno, which is my favorite, is the lite Diesel Pheno. She tends to lean towards the Sativa side and has a sweeter and heavier skunk turpene. She will foxtail, showing her Sativa side, do not try and correct this, it is not temperature related. Its just her personality. The third pheno, I deem undesirable, only because it is similar to the pheno I just described as the sweet skunk pheno, but stays small in structure. I tend to cull those out of my future lineups. Either pheno you choose, or both, you cant go wrong and you will see why this strain rides high in my stables and one I consider a rare and elite keeper. Depending on your veg time and your pruning and cropping skills, this strain can produce very respectable yields.” - LemonHoko

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