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Nombre: C99 F2
Obtentor: OriginSeeds
Ubicación: interior, exterior
Tipo: mostly sativa
Floración: ~55 días
No disponible feminizadas.

OriginSeeds - C99 F2

Absolute cool F2 C99 / Cinderella Beans for fans of this famous strain. This beans were created by using the original old BrosGrimms seeds which a member of OriginSeeds stored over many many years. This C99 is a superb F2-hybrid for thoose who are searching for a strain that can be used for crossing and breeding or simply just to grow one of the nicest sativastrains on planet earth. A true F2, not backcrossed so whatever you wanna do with it, with theese beans you have a great basic for different projects and if you just wanna grow one of the best sativas on earth... do it... Cinderella is for sure the right choice.

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