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Nombre: Blue Kush
Obtentor: B.O.G. Seeds
Ubicación: interior, exterior
Tipo: mostly indica
Floración: ~52 días
No disponible feminizadas.

B.O.G. Seeds - Blue Kush

An amazing result has been achieved using my SourBubble and my BlueMoonRocks as progenitors. This one is so flavorful and smooth that you may forget yourself.

BushyOldGrower: BOG Blush (Blue Kush) is a cross of BOG Blue Moon Rocks and BOG Sour Bubble to create an amazing result. This strain is so flavorful and smooth that you may forget yourself. Flowers in 49-55 days.


If you like the taste of Blue Moon Rocks then you should try this because you can tell the BMR is in there but this bud is even yummier imho because you can taste the sour bubble in there too. The blend of flavor makes this a real treat and not too sweet.


Outdoor grows last year as well and indoor grows have proven it excellent for either application. For a large grower the Blush finished first of all my strains. Indoors it yields well and produces a really fine product anyone would want. Equal in value to sour bubble or sour lifesaver for sure.

Buy these seeds and expect good hardy growth. They veg nicely and smell wonderful when flowering gets along.

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