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Nombre: Black Congolese IX
Obtentor: SnowHigh Seeds
Ubicación: interior, exterior
Tipo: sativa
Floración: desconocido
No disponible feminizadas.

SnowHigh Seeds - Black Congolese IX

The Black Congolese IX #2 is the Pure Black Congolese male which pollinated the #2 female which exhibits more the Pure Black Congolese expressions. The #2 female is Black Congolese x Congo Pointe Noire, the black congolese was sourced from the same person in South Africa and the Congo Pointe Noire cut which has been lost now, so I've heard. The Republic of Congo is the country where the city Pointe Noire is located on the Atlantic coast of South West Africa and where the congo river terminates in the the ocean. The Republic of Congo was formally called Zaire. The Black Congolese comes from Democratic Republic of Congo. Some red traits will come out in the phenotypes, red stems and petioles and various color ranges are possible.

Yield: Large
Plant Height: Tall

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