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Nombre: Banshee Mist
Obtentor: Sub Rosa Gardens
Ubicación: interior, exterior
Tipo: indica/sativa
Floración: ~67 días
No disponible feminizadas.

Sub Rosa Gardens - Banshee Mist

An old Mendocino cut of Kali Mist - said to be extremely heavy yielding outdoor, and hitting over a quarter pound in 2gal pots.
A bit shorter than I expected from such a notorious Sativa but very great open structure with durable stems to hold weight.
Aliendog f3 by Kid Twist at Evolution is a tight Afghani Indica genotype. The male was everything I was looking to find in my female. He was the last to flower and I was almost disappointed.
The cherry/fuel odor that was present very early on was undeniable cherry/diesel. Smelled like a pack of cherry gummy candies I got at an old gas station one time.
His structure was short and fairly tight yet open enough for good light penetration.
A terpene bomb in the making. Great reviews and over 50 seeds tested. An occasional nanner has surfaced but I haven't heard of and issues. I consider this cross to be for seasoned growers looking for something heavy and exotic.
This male has proved himself a killer!
Sister strains to the Banshee Mist, Katz N Dogz hit 28%THC and Reptilian OG hit 24%.
Get a good extinguisher, I trust there is fire in these packs as well!

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