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Nombre: Bac Fang Wolverine
Obtentor: Desert King
Ubicación: interior, exterior
Tipo: mostly sativa
Floración: ~65 días
No disponible feminizadas.

Desert King Mountain High Seed Co. - Bac Fang Wolverine

Desert King Mountain High Seed Co. introduces our newest masterpiece of rare/legendary genetics from around the globe:

Bac Fang Wolverine

Bac Fang Wolverine is a cross between our Wolverine phenotype of Vegan Safari and a Hoa Bac Silver Flower male(Vietnamese landrace).

This fierce and potent Sativa takes the sweet-sour-skunky Aroma/Flavour of the Wolverine pheno, and blends it with the citrus aroma/flavour of the Hoa Bac. This combination will be manifested differently in every pheno. You can expect large high yield plants which produce high THC content buds whose potent and long lasting uplifting, energetic effects will have you feel like you are soaring through the skies on a cannabis world tour.

This strain is part of our “Legendary & Landrace” product line. Since it is a descendant of Acapulco Gold, Lionheart, Durban Poison, Hoa Bac and Cinderella99 it contains genetics from Mexico, Africa, Afghanistan, Columbia, India, Vietnam, Thailand and more.

Yield: High (5-10 lbs possible)
Flowering time:~65-75 days
Harvest time outdoor: October-November (depending on phenotype)
Aroma/Flavour: Citrus, sweet/sour Skunk

** “Bac Fang” or “Silver Fang” can be used interchangeably as “Bac” is Vietnamese for “Silver”.

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Linaje / Genealogía

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