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Pick 'n' Mix Cannabis Seeds

Pick 'n' Mix Cannabis Seeds Seedbank Review

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Situado en el Reino Unido (GB).

Cannabis seeds in singles or packs. Cannabis seeds shipped discreetly worldwide.

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  • La calidad del producto: 7.03 7.03
  • Velocidad de la entrega: 9.08 9.08
  • Servicio al cliente: 7.60 7.60
  • Impresion General: 7.90 7.90
    (En una escala de entre 0 a 10 puntos)

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Pick 'n' Mix Cannabis Seeds esta en la lista como "verde" en el SeedFinder. Esto significa que que absolutamente puede recomendar este banco de semillas.

Single Seeds as like as complete packages.

Experiencias de usuarios

Usuario Comentarios del usuario Pedido de Fecha Q F S Impresion General
Pick and mix are gone and have been sending out mixed phenos not the ecpected products.seems they just went were off f it have whatever .herbies and gorilla have seemed to keep things going .my Spanish family have said all of the seeds u sent them have germenated badly or have been wrong phenos.
Reino Unido Abril 2017 7 7 7 7.00
Checked & saw great reviews, placed 3 orders all arrived safely, like a lot of seedbanks you have to inquire about certain strains before purchasing because they say in stock so you go & place your order to only get - sorry item out of stock & please choose something else of equal value or well refund your money which is great but the ones I wanted the most the reason for placing my order were unavailable & although it says major credit cards they only take debit Visa or cash like everyone else. I did find some great strains & it was very sweet to not have to buy an expensive 5 pk. I was just about to add the last few pieces to my collection & there was no more replies from email, their website & twitter is gone like they closed shop or got shut down.
Estados Unidos Febrero 2017   10 8 9.00
Arrived approximately 11 days after order was placed. Discreet/secure packaging.
As long as the product is as advertised I would definitely use them again!
Estados Unidos Enero 2017   10 10 10.00
best prices on connoiseurs seeds. seriously ultra fast delivering, good customer service. I hardly recommand these seed bank, as alchimia(favorite), and attitude.
de bon prix sur des graines rares, livraison express, service client nickel. Je recommande cette banque, tout comme alchimia et attitude.
Francia Enero 2017 10 10 10 10.00
Once I placed my order and paid for it my order was shipped as quickly as could be expected by anyone. The seeds all look to be in good order. The next time I need seeds I plan on using pick and mix seeds again.
Estados Unidos Enero 2017   10 8 9.00
Very Very Bad!
Had 5 different seeds and only 3 germinated!
From the 3 which germinated 1 handicaped! The diseased plant died the third week of flowering!
So I paid ? 48 for 2 plants!
Never again!!!
Italia Noviembre 2016 0 8 8 5.33
Coole Sache. Alle Samen haben gekeimt. Preise fair. Schade wegen dem Brexit
Alemania Septiembre 2016 10 10   10.00
3 blueberry bud from Sagarmatha / none germinated although in great conditions.
Francia Junio 2016 1 10   5.50
Very Very Bad, never again.
Had 7 different Seeds and only 5 germinated. The last 8 Years I had rates of 100%.
from the 5 wich germinated 2 are handicaped, probably they will die.

So i payed around 60 Euros for 3 Plants cos the seed quality is as shitty as hell.
One seed was nearly completly green.
Alemania Abril 2016 1 10 7 6.00
very fast, excellent services
Alemania Marzo 2016 10 10 10 10.00
Packaging was piss poor, a jiffy bag with a small baggie inside containing seeds. Im lucky they made it threw the post without getting crushed. Wont order again.
Reino Unido Enero 2016   10 8 9.00
Quick delivery. A selection that will give you a headache as there is so many strains to choose from. Which is a good thing. Customer service is very good. I complained about the wording in one of their descriptions which didnt tell me it was an auto strain but said ruderalis. They changed the description to help others. My go to seed company as they do single seeds to.
  Enero 2016 10 10 10 10.00
This is the best service Ive received from a seed company. I deal only with Pick & Mix now, if the product is sold out they provide an email alert when it is re-stocked. I cannot fault this company, speed of delivery and overall customer care. Well done 10/10
Pick n Mix Cannabis Seeds Noviembre 2015 10 10 10 10.00
I deal, almost exclusively, with this seedbank. I have always found them to be helpful, honest and reliable.
Without prompting, I get offered 15-20% discount when I make large orders AND receive multiple free seeds of types Id never considered before, all of which I think is brilliant. Also get free next day delivery, which is safely and discreetly packaged, on big orders.
The staff are knowledgeable about their stock, answering any questions I have.
If they have run out of a certain strain they usually have a pretty good ETA of when they expect to restock.
All I want is a safe, reliable and honest provider and in pick n mix seeds that is what I have.
  Octubre 2015 10 10 10 10.00
Just gotta love the guys.. Very friendly, excelent service, HIGHLY recommendable
  Febrero 2015 10 10 10 10.00
Very fast, excellent customer service!
Germany Enero 2015   10 10 10.00
Hassle free transactions, if an item isnt in stock, staff email me and I can order an alternative or wait and they throw in some extra seeds. Will not order from elsewhere now. 10/10.
  Septiembre 2014 10 10 10 10.00
zwar etwas teuerer, da man aber samen einzeln bestellen kann, würde ich sie weiter empfehlen!
Deutschland Agosto 2014 9 8 10 9.00
5 Seeds White Dwarf,4 gingen auf-davo 2 mickrig.
2 Seeds einzel verpackt Cristal Meth,keiner aufgegangen
D Septiembre 2013 2 7 6 5.00
Finger Weg! Miserabler Service!!! 3 von 12 Animal Cookies - Samen waren regelrecht offen. Bei Vogelsaat ok, aber nicht bei solch teuren Produkten bitte... Bin zwar froh, dass die Bestellung überhaupt angekommen ist, aber auch nach 3 Wochen Wartezeit, mehreren Mails und Fotos NULL Reaktion - haben mich einfach im Regen stehen lassen. Rate zu Cannapot oder Seedsman.
Deutschland Agosto 2013 6 8 0 4.67
Katstrophaler Kundenservice! Keinerlei Antwort auf eMails, Probleme seitens des Kunden werden einfach ignoriert. Gelistete Samen sind nicht vorrätig und man kann dann "Alternativen" finden. Die Qualität der Samen war unterdurchschnittlich, Keimrate: 2 von 5 - ich hatte sogar einen hellgrünen Samen geliefert bekommen - was soll das?! In der Blühphase hat sich dann herausgestellt, das 3 der feminisierten Damen einen Herren dabei hatten, es also nicht feminiserte Samen, sondern reguläre waren.

Alles in allem eine einmalige Erfahrung, garantiert keine weiteren Bestellungen meinerseits!
Germany Agosto 2013 2 9 0 3.67
hohe versandkosten
  Agosto 2013 7 8   7.50
alles gut
Germany Agosto 2013 9 10 10 9.67
Horrible Experience! Got low quality stuff, some of em had a seedling rate from 5 out of 10! Plus, Euforia from Dutch Passion was ordered as feminised and I got regular seeds, surprise, surprise. Theyve got seeds listed, which are not available, so you have to choose different seeds AFTER youve placed your order. And Customer service does not exist, complained, wrote several times, no answer at all -> Good by! NEVER EVER AGAIN!!!
Germany Agosto 2013 2 7 0 3.00
 Never again! The quality of some seeds where horrible ... NO RESPONSE at all after I complained 3 times. Never again! Germany Julio 2013 3 8 0 3.67
  Germany Febrero 2013 10 10 10 10.00
  deutschland Septiembre 2012 10 10 10 10.00
  Deutschland Marzo 2012 10 8 9 9.00
 ein seed fehlte, wurde aber ohne Probleme sehr schnell nachgeliefert. - keine bonus samen   Febrero 2012   10   10.00
    Octubre 2011 9 10 10 9.67
  deutschland Marzo 2011 10 10   10.00
 Meiner Meinung nach waren die Seeds zum Teil nicht die bestellten bzw. sie wurden wohl zum Teil gegen "billigere Seeds" ausgetauscht. Ich bin mir da sehr sicher, weil ich mit den besagten Sorten schon Erfahrung gemacht habe!   Enero 2011 3 9   6.00
    Enero 2011 9 9 9 9.00
 Hyvä toimitus ja palvelu. Ei ongelmia, suosittelen.   Diciembre 2010 9 9 8 8.67
    Mayo 2009 9 10   9.50
 i have no problems with this seedbank. if ive ever had any worries or hastles these guys are more than happy to listen.... i have tried a few seedbanks only to find that these guys dominate in all aspects.. they have excellent customer service. so ultimately i have had no real problems from these guys as of yet and im fairly confident its gonna stay that way. these guys are awsome i got nothing bad to say about em unlike some other places i dont deem worthy of my time anymore.

australia Febrero 2009 10 8 10 9.33
 Also Samen kamen zwar gelabelt mit stückchen des orginal kartons aber waren fast alle zerdrückt etc.
auf beschwerde wurde mir nahegelegt die post wegen der versandversicherung zu kontaktieren (hab ich jetzt nicht getan^^) oder sich zum teufel zu scheren....
Deutschland Octubre 2008 0 3 0 1.00

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