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Mas informacion sobre este cultivador:

The Grateful Seeds comes onto the cannabis scene in 2015 after many years of experience. It remains a small company with a great love for cannabis.

The Grateful Seeds, exclusive cannabinoid profiles and resin quality
The Grateful Seeds is passionate about this wonderful plant, having strong links in the US, Morocco, Mexico, Switzerland and Spain thanks to its many years of experience. The result is a work that develops a very particular breeding line, focusing on exclusive cannabinoid profiles with the best resin quality, in new combinations that bring pure exoticism to the market. This is endorsed by countless awards won worldwide by this small group of breeders based in Barcelona.

Seven prizes at the Cosecha Cup 2018
First place at Icmag420
Second place at Master Of Rosin 2019
Second place at Ego Clash 2019
Champions at Expo Valencia 2019
Three prizes at Cosecha Cup 2019
Four first places at Home Grow Cup Tillsburg Holland 2020