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Matchmaker Genetics was established in 2017. After moving to the Eastside of the Big Island in 2014 I struggled to find genetics capable of withstanding the high humidity and heavy rainfall that we receive in the Puna district. Roughly 10% of seeds bought and germinated from other breeders were able to handle the local climate. Most seeds on the market today are made indoors putting outdoor growers especially in a situation like mine at a huge disadvantage. My testing grounds are literally a yard carved out of a thick pristine jungle setting. I was inspired to do some of my own breeding with the keepers from previous runs that were able to finish without mold problems. This was a game changer for our medical garden and the patients that we grow for. By selecting only the most vigorous and resilient breeding stock I can confidentiality say I’m able to get roughly 50% of the seeds I germinate to withstand our harsh growing environment now using our own seed stock. Thru encouragement from friends and seeing with my own eyes the improvement in percentage of plants that can thrive in our own garden I decided to offer my seed to the public. I hope to ease some of the problems local growers in Hawaii and in climates similar to ours across the world by offering genetics that have a good chance of sticking around. My history with cannabis goes back 21 years. After reading Jack Herer’s Emporor Wears No Clothes at age 16 my life was dedicated to cannabis law reform from that day on. Growing my own was something that I knew I wanted to do also and I planted my first seeds at age 16 in the woods behind my Mom and Dads in NC. Knowing that prohibition was unjust and unfounded nothing was gonna stop me from the relationship with this plant! Breeding cannabis is somewhat new to me. I made my first beans back in 08 but with no intention other than just for fun. Only in the last 4 years I have I dedicated my garden to breeding for resistance and to share with others. I have failed more than succeeded in my work and I’m still learning daily but I am confident in saying anyone who buys a pack from us will find something they enjoy and hopefully something able to handle a harsh grow environment. I love anything cannabis and breeding is just another way to live out my passion for the plant and do what I love! Unique terpene profiles and acclimated genetics for humid environments are my primary goals in breeding. Thanks for your interest in Matchmaker Genetics! We are happy and proud to finally offer our work for others to enjoy!