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Keys to the Kingdom

Keys to the Kingdom

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Mas informacion sobre este cultivador:

Keys to the Kingdom, a premier cannabis genetics company, is the brainchild of the legendary Jeff Selsor, aka Keyplay, Founder and CEO of Gage Green Group and Seedbank for Humanity, known worldwide for producing award-winning organic cannabis strains. Keys to the Kingdom is devoted to the artistry of breeding exceptional cannabis genetics, a premier cannabis genetics company. Keyplay is known worldwide for producing award-winning organic cannabis seeds. The organic seed grower whose reputation precedes him, continues the rich tradition he began decades ago, a tradition rooted in natural farming, holistic healing, and proprietary organic growing methods to produce the potent, healthy, life-giving flower.

Keys to the Kingdom is a manifestation of Keyplay's creative force, drawing on principles of peace, presence and personal empowerment through creative expression and connection with the Creator. Keyplay begins anew with a new-found freedom and a stable of completely unique males and females.

We offer a variety of F1 hybrid regular seeds grown with all organic means and methods by Master Breeder Keyplay.