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Mas informacion sobre este cultivador:

When J Krippling was a young man, he was at a well known cannabis exhibition in 1999 with his uncle, who had special contacts with some laboratory technicians. Whilst his uncle was dealing with business, J Krippling was mesmerised by some enchanting ladies labelled "Kali Mist" and was admiring the plants, eyes wide in amazement. Noticing some mystical connection, a friendly Tech walked up, and handed J Krippling a plastic container. The Tech then turned and reached behind him and took two cuttings. Then he turned back again and carefully handed them to J. Krippling, who eagerly took them and placed them into the container. Then the Tech passed another... and another... and another - oh, the anticipation of cramming prize cuttings into the container, knowing they were champion stock! "You look like you wanted those ones, sonny," the breeder said enquiring pleasantly. Speechless with disbelief and a ‘knowing’ big wide grin, J Krippling nodded. Since J Krippling obtained this Kali Mist strain, it has successfully been helping people suffering from Chronic Pain, Migraine Pain, Insomnia, Depression, Back Pain, Drug Dependency, Arthiritis / Rheumatism, Eating Disorders etc as well as being enjoyed for recreational use. The Krippling seedmongers have pursued many dozens of different types of Kali Mist strains and crosses since 1999, and our particular strain of Kali Mist is not the same as the majority out there. It is simply a class above the rest. The Krippling Seedmongers are proud to present this new line of “Kali’s Fruitful Cannabis Seeds”, and invite you to enjoy the mystical properties of J Krippling’s Kali Mist.