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Hi, I'm GreenMan Organics, and I was Co-Founder and owner of Kingdom Organic Seeds (KOS) with Cultivation Editor of Skunk Magazine, The rev. I also was Founder and owner of White Wolf seeds at the former TKS site.

I take great pride in the work I do, and I do my best to help anyone in need. I am both, a Medical Cannabis breeder, and a Recreational breeder. I have many strains available to meet many needs of most customers. As time goes on, I will be growing and getting test results for all my strains. This will help categorize my strain list better for which section it belongs in. As time goes on, I will be asking you in the customer base to help categorize the strains into more specific groups of what aliments each helps with.

I began smoking cannabis at 13, and growing the wonderful Cannabis plant at the age of 17 and have only stopped for safety purposes since, I'm 47 this year, so I do have a small bit of growing experience. I started growing with synthetic fertilizers, and have advanced greatly to an all Organic style of growing the rev coin phrased, TLO or True Living Organics. I have grown in many styles and mediums through out the years, but Organic is just the best way period. And especially if growing it for medicine.

So I have Grown for 30 years and have been breeding since beginning of 2008.

I’m an OMMP carded patient in Oregon and I do stick to our laws. I do not sell meds...

I do however, provide a much needed source to acquire great genetics for your Medical and Recreational needs here locally to all Medical patients with an OMMP card. I also will honor ALL other Medical state cards, and Recreational growers in WA and CO are also welcome here.

Look for Higher CBD strains coming in the near future.

Thank You, GreenMan