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4 Variedades de Cannabis

Nombre de la variedad Indica o Sativa? En interiores o al aire libre/exteriores? época de floración (días) Feminizaste? Buy-Bar: Shop-Checker Usuario-Evaluacion
Blue Chocolate mostly sativa Indoor, Outdoor, Greenhouse 72
Emperors Haze 2010 mostly sativa Indoor, Outdoor, Greenhouse 94
Lemon Thai mostly sativa Indoor 84
Lemonberry mostly sativa Indoor 63

Mas informacion sobre este cultivador:

In January 2008 a couple of strain freaks bumped into each other on the web. Little did we know what would become of that chance meeting. A friendship was made, and now a new venture to pass along our love for cannabis to the masses. A mutual bond formed, centered on our passion for the cannabis plant, and that has been our driving force., Eventually we discussed some hypothetical crosses of some of Holland’s finest cannabis with some US genetics and also landrace lines. The initial thought was to do something different, something unique. Combine the best of both worlds. This is our goal. We have been working diligently in the background for over 2 years now, selecting P1 stock and planning, planning, planning. The time is now.