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12 Variedades de Cannabis

Nombre de la variedad Indica o Sativa? En interiores o al aire libre/exteriores? época de floración (días) Feminizaste? Buy-Bar: Shop-Checker Usuario-Evaluacion
Deedee mostly sativa Indoor, Outdoor, Greenhouse 77
Douce Nuit mostly indica Indoor, Outdoor 53
Fil Rouge sativa Indoor, Outdoor, Greenhouse 77
Frencheese mostly indica Indoor, Outdoor 75
Guillotine ruderalis/sativa Indoor, Outdoor 62
Irie mostly sativa Indoor, Outdoor 78
K1 sativa Indoor, Outdoor, Greenhouse 120
Kikiriki mostly sativa Indoor, Outdoor 60
Mango Pepper sativa Indoor, Outdoor 110
Mangu Karot sativa Indoor, Outdoor 115
Renaissance mostly sativa Indoor, Outdoor, Greenhouse 65
Sativa des Rois mostly sativa Indoor, Outdoor 63

Mas informacion sobre este cultivador:

French touch seeds is the first French bank of seed of cannabis of collection! Installed in Spain, French touch seeds presents us its first varieties. French touch seeds advocates the simplicity, the recycling, the economy...