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Born in 2009, Dr. Underground Feminized Seeds brings the best hybrids with the best plants of the world in feminized version. , , - Our seeds are 99´9 % feminized seeds. , - We use STS to make our seeds because is the best method to do 99,9 % feminized seeds., - We make the seeds in Hydroponics systems because is better to control the differents parameters. , - We don´t recommend to our sellers sell the seeds out of the original pack, this is the reason we sell in 2, 4, and 8 seed pack. , - Every seeds are sold in their original pack. , - Our strains was tested in differents grow systems, and every are aviable in all grow systems. , - We make our seeds, we don´t sell seeds to other companies. , - We don´t sell our seeds to other seedbanks.