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Mas informacion sobre este cultivador:

Concrete Jungle Seeds is a feminised seed bank founded by the creators of Seeds Of Africa, with the intention of offering European growers the most renowned North American strains from the state of California and the rest of the USA.

The urban jungle is the perfect setting for these powerful, tasty and productive modern genetics. Concrete Jungle Seeds has collected, cultivated, processed and reproduced American genetics from clones found in cannabis clinics in states where the consumption and cultivation of cannabis is legal.

Now, varieties like Sunset Sherbert, Zkittlez, Bruce Banner, Diesel Grapefruit, Grand Daddy Purps, among others, are available in feminized form. All the seeds maintain the appreciable characteristics that were the reason for the international success of these genetics, champions of various cannabis competitions like the High Times Cannabis Cup.

Cup-winning genetics:

Sunset Sherbert: 3rd price HTCC
Zkittlez: 1st Emerald Cup Prize 2016
Bruce Banner: 3rd HTCC 2014
Grand Daddy Purps: HTCC Best Indica 2014