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5 Variedades de Cannabis


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Hello & Welcome to you all, my name is Tim & My wife Danielle. Together we run, we are an all organic micro farm that creates all organic grade a flower and organic seeds with a 90% germination rate. we started this company during my battle with cancer, and with my own genetics made quality organic medicine called R.S.O also known as rick simpson oil! I am now cancer free and in remission!!!! Amen!!!!!! Here at badfishseeds we aim to help the medical community first!! If you are a medical patient, suffer from cancer, PTSD, veteran, or deal with chronic pain then please provide proof such as medical card, VA ID or other such documents, or active service ID so we can adjust your price at checkout. We do our best to be honest and fair, If you have any issue with your order please contact customer support so we can fix it thank you all for you love and support.

Sincerely Tim&Danielle