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Nombre: Cheese
Obtentor: Dinafem
Ubicación: interior, exterior
Tipo: mostly indica
Floración: ~55 días
Sólo disponible feminizadas.

Dinafem - Cheese

Sabor muy intenso, duradero, aromático, índico, a queso fuerte, más bien curado. El efecto es muy equilibrado, completamente mixto, físico y mental. Tiene un contenido de CBD medio que suaviza la cantidad de THC.

Tiene aspecto lánguido, de hoja estirada, tallos más finos, herencia de su pasado skunk, pero produce flores gruesas y abundantes que, con la cantidad de frío adecuada, pueden llegar a tener color violeta suave.

Ocho semanas de floración, buena productividad, presencia en el Top 10 de todos los coffee shops holandeses, un premio en la High Times Cannabis Cup y miles de británicos locos por esta variedad, completan el panorama de éxito y de reconocimiento internacional que ha obtenido.

Se puede clasificar como una variedad muy comercial, comparable a la Big Bud, Skunk#1 o Critical+. Es una planta que produce bien, rápido, compacta y que, sobre todo, cautiva a quienes la prueban por su dulce sabor, efecto medio y una sensación íntegramente placentera.

Apta para: Interior y exterior
Sexo: Feminizada
Genotipo: 60% Indica / 40% Sativa
Cruce: Old Skunk#1 x Afghani#1
Floración en interior: 50-60 días
Cosecha en exterior: Principios / mediados de octubre
Rendimiento en interior: 525 g/m2
Rendimiento en exterior: 1000 g/planta
Tamaño en exterior: Hasta 2,5 m
THC: 9-14%
CBD: Medio

Usuario-Generador Variedad-Perfiles

Conocidos Fenotipos:
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1.: corta, compacta, rápida floración, indica-dominante Fenotipo #1
2.: corta, estirada, rápida floración, indica-dominante Fenotipo #2
3.: larga, estirada, lenta floración, sativa-dominante Fenotipo #3

Para esta variedad tenemos una entrada por 6 usuario(s). Aqui hay un pequeña vista general:

Tiempo de Floracion en interior: 55 - 59 dias (~57 dias)
Produccion / Cantidad Indoor: La cosecha de esta variedad es alto.
Impresion General Indoor: lo tiene todo junto extraordinaria y ampliamente recomendable.
tiempo de la cosecha en exterior o al aire libre o guerrilla: A mitad de Octubre in CmShα climates.
Potencia / Duracion del efecto: La marihuana efecto entre medio alto y alto.
Produccion / Cantidad Outdoor: La cosecha de esta variedad es muy alto.
Las votaciones de nuestros usuarios: Cheese obtener 7.54 de los 10 posibles puntos en el promedio!

Propiedades Medicinales

...aquí encontrará info acerca de los efectos y las dosis para esta variedad.

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Dinafem 9.00 € 21.00 € 35.00 € 69.99 €
Hanfoase & Stecklingsexpress - - 35.00 € -
Green Parrot Seed Store - 15.75 € 26.25 € -
Amsterdam Seed Center - 21.00 € 35.00 € 70.00 €
Zamnesia - 21.00 € - -
Alchimia Grow Shop 9.00 € 21.00 € 35.00 € 70.00 €
Chu Majek 7.00 € - - 70.00 €
Oaseeds 7.56 € 17.64 € 29.40 € 58.79 €
Cannapot Hanfshop 9.00 € 21.00 € 35.00 € 70.00 €
SeedSupreme Seedbank - 13.49 € 22.48 € 44.95 €
Indras Planet GmbH 9.00 € 21.00 € 35.00 € 70.00 €
Linda Semilla 4.25 € 10.00 € 16.50 € 65.50 €
Seeds66 - 20.49 € 34.16 € 68.30 €
Seedsman - 24.17 € 39.44 € 77.62 €
Herbalist 8.10 € 18.90 € 31.50 € 63.00 €
Canna-Seed Seed Shop 9.00 € 21.00 € 45.00 € 70.00 €
Samenwahl.com - 17.22 € 28.70 € -
Hanf & Hanf - 16.80 € 28.00 € 56.00 €
Seeds24.at - 21.00 € 35.00 € 69.99 €

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Comentarios de usuario sobre esta variedad:

CrazyGrandpa dice

al 17.05.2017, 08:21:

I've grown this 2 different times from clones that were taken from 2 separate single seed starts. Both times they were grown in an Ebb and Grow hydro system with 5 gallon pots. 15 pots, 5 pots to a 1K DE HPS on a light rail. Room was 20 x 30 with an 8' ceiling.
The first grow I had pheno number 3. I topped the plants once, then did a few LST bends, noting that there wasn't going to be a lot of side branching, so I let it flower with about 10 tops per plant. It stretched immediately, and continued into the 5th week of flower. I lollipopped them twice in veg, then the first week of flower, and at the third week of flower. I ended up with buds about 50 cm long, all the buds the same size and density all the way up the stem. Out of 5 plants I yielded 22 ounces, which was amazing since it didn't look like it was going to be that productive. The buds are rock hard, which accounted for the weight. Even though they're really solid, they didn't get big enough in diameter to cause mold issues. I thought it was going to be a far lower weight. These went about 67 days.
The second grow the plants were very short and stocky, with multiple side branches after topping the main cola once, then doing about 4 weeks of LST with lots of side branches. When put into flower they had about 20 tops per plant. Even after a very heavy lollipop pruning at week 3, the plants continued to need pruning through the 6th week. Stems just seemed to come out of nowhere! These finished about a week quicker than pheno 3, at about 54 days. Again, the buds were rock hard, with a yield of 36 ounces.
I have to say, this was one of my most gratifying grows as far as quality of the bud, both in smell, taste, and bag appeal(although this doesn't matter to me as it's all for in home consumption). The bud, after curing, was like little balls of hash. Very, very resinous, with a candy like smell, combined with a nice spicy Afghanistan smell. The taste was pure Afghani, very hashy and powerful. A bowl seems like it lasts a lifetime since it's so sticky.
I used H&G nutrients, excluding the Amino treatment. I've used it before and noticed zero benefit. At the end of the 5th week of flower I hit them hard with Fox Farms Cha Ching. I used that in place of the finishing nutrients from H&G. They were 170 US for 5 packets, with a suggested feeding of 8 packets over the next 3 weeks. Cha Ching was 24 US for a pound, which will last for 4-5 grows. Not only was the Cha Ching that much cheaper, but it resulted in the frostiest buds I've ever had. I used it out of desperation the first time, out of admiration for the results the second time. Cheaper sometimes IS better!

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bronsolinio dice

al 29.11.2015, 13:29:Este comentario está conectado a un Perfil de Planta!

Stabile Sorte, leicht zu growen mit einem extensiven Potential für alle Arten des Bondage, ScrOG, LST und Multi Cropping.

Konnte zwei untereinander sehr homogene Phänotypen feststellen.

#1 wächst sehr buschig & indicalastig, Topping kann helfen die Pflanze auseinander zu ziehen und eine gleichmäßige Fotosynthese zu gewährleisten. Der Stretch ist nicht allzu extrem & das Harz bildet ein komplexes Geruchsgebilde aus Diesel, süßer Mandarine & Zuckerwatte mit Anklängen von Kardamon. Der Geschmack ist nach 4 Wochen Curing nahezu identisch, das High sehr stark aber auch sedativ.

#2 ist zumindest der Struktur nach zu urteilen der sativalastigere Phänotyp. Sie wächst ausufernder, mit deutlich größerem Internodienabstand & mehr Stretch. Ihre Blüten sehen aus wie kleine, silverne Pyramiden, sehr kompakt, der erste Eindruck erinnert an saftig süße Ananas die einem das Wasser im Mund zusammen laufen lässt. Die süße Kopfnote wird begleitet von einer waldigen, nussigen Herznote und Anklängen von Pfeffer & Muskat. Definitiv mein Favorit, aber vom High her auch wieder sehr drückend, Munchies und Couch sind vorprogrammiert.
Selbst in Gesellschaft kam es zu ruhigen Minuten da man sehr introvertiert reagiert.

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MedicalScreener dice

al 17.08.2014, 07:52:

This strain was great. Very Strong!!

I crossed Cheese with a White Widow back cross. The result about 24-30 seeds.
I flowered them ALL. Choose one female!

Then grew out Ripped Bubba from TGA Seeds. I got ONE(1) Male out of 10 SEEDS !!!. The result if it;s pollen ... are Very Strong ! I pollinated the White Widow X Cheese cross with the Ripped Bubba Pollen. The Result was a great taste and cerebral high. Thus the Name: Arctic Haze.

The plants in cocoa (DWC) tasted like Lemons!!! Advanced Nutes
The plants grown in Soil tasted like Pepsi/vanilla-Cann Nutes Terra

One other pheno was an orange/lemon cross. I use Sugar Daddy in DWC (Deep Water culture). I use Kona Blend (Nitrozyme, Hygrozyme and Humboldt Honey)with soil as well as Carb Load by Advanced Nutes.
I use one 1000W HPS in a 4x4 tent.

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