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Nombre: X18 Pure Pakistani
Obtentor: Reserva Privada
Ubicación: interior, exterior
Tipo: indica
Floración: ~60 días
Sólo disponible feminizadas.

Reserva Privada - X18 Pure Pakistani

This clone, named XVIII, is an outstanding representation of the Pakistani workability. Growing such a true, distinctive hash plant implies dealing with one of the main characters from the Hindu Kush. In few words, X-18 simply works. Though the yield is average at best, the plants show a typical Paki stretch during the first month of flowering.

The old Paki blue is all about the smell. In flower, it reeks of cheese and chorizo. The fragrance develops constantly along the flowering cycle, but it`s always very pungent. The buds are dense and rock hard, literally crusted with resin, and very easy to manicure. The scent of the herbal cannabis when finished and dried is more acrid and citric, almost acid.

While the effects of the plants from the Hindu Kush are highly medicinal, X-18 can put your head to spin. It comprises a wonderfully balanced resin profile, but can sit with the smoker in different ways (relaxed or brainstormed) depending on the person and the circumstances.

Flowering Period: 8 - 9 Weeks
Yield: 400-500 g/m2

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Also hatte rein nix von der Pflanze erwartet , muss aber zugeben ist ein sehr guter strain ,x18 pure Pakistani !Sehr einfach zu growen , super Ertrag , 50 g super potentes weed p.P, harte helle feste Buds .... als erfahrener smoker , kann ich jedem der starkes Gras braucht X18 Pure Pakistani empfehlen!!! Wirkt langanhaltend und ist besser als 90 % von dem weed ,was 90 % der deutschen Einwohner rauchen in Deutschland und überhaupt bekommen ....

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