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Nombre: X-Kush #1
Obtentor: BCO
Ubicación: interior, exterior, invernadero
Tipo: indica
Floración: ~56 días
No disponible feminizadas.

Breeder Choice Organisation - X-Kush #1

BCO XKush was devised to create a extreme pure Indica 'Kush' line for the indoor grower seeking a high THC, hard hitting Indica.

The Combination of the renowned Bubba Kush clone with our proven Chitrali1 Males. Chitrali #1 is a pure Indica derived from the classic Hashish from Chitral town. Bubba Kush needs no introduction and is a proven Clone only selection famed the world over for its dense terpenoids and high THC high. The combination of this pure 'farmed line' Hashish cultivar and this classic clone only selection results in a stunning pure Indica of very high THC with unique terpenoids.

The high is all Indica, with a rare non centered head that really does hit hard from the very first intake. This is superb pain killing medicene with a divine taste. The Bubba amplifies the Chitrali's classic Hashish taste which is Hash/lemon's and from the very first smell this line will delight with its unique tastes and smell.

The plants grow to typical pure Indica hash plant types, large stocky wide leafed plants with incredibly dense buds on a sturdy frame. The Chitali significantly boosts yeilds over the pure Bubba and the dense buds provide a high return on finished weight of the flowers. The flowers cure to rock hard dense buds with a dank, deep smell that has high 'bag appeal'. Its high yeilds come from the finished weight of the flowers and the strain provides a exceptional return on grow time.

The high will sit you down and leave you totally uncentered without drowsiness. Its deep effects effecting the body and mind in equal parts.

It is a very high THC strain with a extreme potentcy, over and above the pure Bubba in our experiences.

* Type: Indica
* Genotype: Bubba Kush x Chitrali #1

Indoor/Greenhouse: 7 - 9 Weeks
Outdoor finish: September
Odor level: Medium - High
Mite resistance: Medium
Mould Resistance: Medium
Stretch: 2x
Yield: High

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